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Today I wake up in the morning and I have to plan to visit bangkok the last time. My train will be leaving at 19:30 and the taxi will pick me up at around 18:30. The tickets and all the papers are still with the agency. As usual, I take breakfast and I would like to take a long walk. My first destination is to go to Emerald Buddha, then from then, I will start to search for the sky train.(subway of thailand).

When I reach Emerald Buddha, I pay a visit to lak Meung. Lak Meung (city pillar) is famous for people who job are risky such as policemen, maffia, coalminer. When I reach there, there are people praying with flowers, scarf, incenses, candle and oil. First, they light up the candle and put it to the metal stack. Second, they burn at least three incenses and pray with their wishes. After, they hang their scarf on the pillar and they walk abit further to give oil to about twelve buddha. i forgot it. What I did is I try to imitate them and buy the whole set of things. It is a wonderful experience. Besides, they also give opera show depicting thai culture in great display. Very spiritual indeed.

Then I walk abit and one person ask me to stop. I dont know why so I stop. This is because the national anthem is playing and everybody must not move. After the music is over, I take further step to a first temple. I meet a guy who tell me that today is a lucky day because the king is giving discount to people who buy ruby stones from the shop. The whole trip around the city with tuk tuk driver is only two euro.

I believe him and he take me the temple of marble. After, he bring me to a shop to buy Ruby. But I take a look and walk away. When I am out, I cannot see the tuk tuk driver so I walk and lost my way. During the way, I meet some thai mechanics and I ask them the way. Then I also meet chinese couple who own a small food stall. He ask me to take a bus to the centrum but it will take a long time.

I give up the idea of going to the centrum and walk until I reach the hotel. The place where I am lost is very close to the hotel so I think I am lucky. When i reach the hotel, I do some face cleaning and it takes about one and half hours. Then I go to the travel agency and the taxi is ready. I ask the travel agency for the ticket but he said that he gave it to me. I search all over but I cant find it. Then the woman of the travel agency and tell him that it is in the drawer. He gives it to me and I left the world lodge hotel  to the train station

When I reach the station, it is full of people. There are places where you can sit on the floor. I take some noodles and I have plenty of time left. You can also watch television there too. When it time, I enter the train. The train is quite clean although I have seen one coachroach where I sleep. I also met Chinese man with his wife and the whole family. We have a long conversation during the train. Then the conductor comes and pull the bed for us to sleep. There is air conditioning and two toilets for everybody. One toilet is for those who has good balance and the other one is western style. Great stewardess too and also seen one ladyboy working as a steward.

Train delay for two hours before departure but I have plenty of time.

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photo by: Deats