and we did it! We arrived to Buenos Aires :)

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arriving to Buenos Aires
As scheduled we arrived at 1:30pm. We went through customs pretty fast and were lucky our bags came out first, hehe. But it wasn’t guarantee we would leave the airport early. Because I wasn’t traveling alone, I decided to buy the tickets + hotel at same time. This package included the transfer from and to the airport – which is 40min from the city + a city tour. Anyway, the transfer had to wait for all the passengers who came with the tour operator. Ok, no big deal, just be patient. 

They were dropping off everyone. Finally we arrived to our hotel and we checked in. During the drive we decided to make the city tour next day in the morning. So we were having the afternoon free. My first idea was: Shopping at the Outlets!!! But it was already 4pm by the time we were ready.

our Subway Stop was Lima, hahaha - so fun!
And we had to exchange some money. Same as Peru almost all the stores accept US$, but the taxi drivers don’t do it. Another big difference, in Buenos Aires you can exchange money just at the Bank or Exchange house.

I asked at the front desk where the closest Exchange house was. We were staying at Rivadavia St and the closes was in Florida, which was about 6 blocks away. We started walking and finally arrived to the Exchange House. There was a long line. We did it and when we tried to exchange the US$, they asked us for our documents.

The Obelisco at night
I wanted to give him my ID, but the guy told me he needed my passport, Oh no!!! I didn’t have it with me. Actually I don’t like to walk around carrying my passport. Ok, turn back. Would we go back to the hotel? No way, mom! I’d find a solution and I did. I bought a nice purse, paid with US$ and got back some Pesos, hehehe.  

Well it was almost 6pm and the Outlets close at 6pm, so it was pointless going to the Outlets at that time. Time to change plans, mmm. Instead of going to the Outlet we went to Palermo. Iris and Mike (innotech) recommended me to go there for trendy and unique stuff. Mike recommended taking a look at Humawaca – all leather stuff, but not the common designs. We were walking around the streets and arrived to Plaza Cortazar (ex Serrano).

The clothes over there were not the common ones you’ll find at any shopping center. So, shopping time started hahaha.

We haven’t had lunch that day, we were so excited about the travel that we forgot about it. It was almost 8pm and we were getting hungry. There were a lot of bars there, but my mom didn’t like that idea very much, so we went back to the hotel. Also the restaurants don’t serve food until 8pm. We arrived to the hotel, left our bags and went out looking for a place to have dinner. We were walking around when I recognized a small place. I have been there before with Blair! Just a couple of months away, hahaha. It didn’t look amazing, but the food is very good. It was what they call: “tenedor libre” (free fork) and means it’s a “all you can eat for…” I had a lot of veggies (fresh, grilled) and the Argentinian Empanadas and my mom meat and some salad. Well, I didn’t want to eat much, but couldn’t help having desserts. I was getting some fruit and saw a purple one, like if it were a beat. I asked the waiter and he told me it was pear with red wine. I don’t like pear very much, but this one was really tasty uhmmmm. 

After a nice meal and filling so guilty because all we ate, we decided to take a walk around and enjoy a nice night. We also went to a cybercafé in order to make a couple of phone calls. We just went back to the hotel. We were a bit tired and had to wake up the next day early. The tour operator was supposed to pick us up at 8:45am for the city tour. I decided not to use the elevator, just to climb the stairs. Almost convinced my mom, but at the end she decided not to follow the crazy girl, hahaha.

Oh! I was forgetting. We were supposed to stay in a bedroom for 2, but they gave us a suite for same price, hahaha. So we had an extra room just for our suitcases and shopping. We were lucky ;)

nanie05 says:
Lovely blog!!
Posted on: Feb 22, 2010
dclyall says:
We are in the Recoleta district in a modern apartment building in a bachelor suite for $78 US a night. Apartmentsba>com Run very well by an American from Texas
Posted on: Feb 08, 2010
smilehaveaniceday says:
We traveled to Buenos Aires and stayed for a whole week at the Panamericano Buenos Aires Hotel & Resort the hotel our Royal hoilday club point put us in really wow us this time, we walked around and went shopping but we ended up in Florida street shops, my friend was looking for a great leather jacket, we walked and asked everywhere...
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
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arriving to Buenos Aires
arriving to Buenos Aires
our Subway Stop was Lima, hahaha -…
our Subway Stop was Lima, hahaha …
The Obelisco at night
The Obelisco at night
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