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Gunther didn't want me to move...

Today started the journey with my mom. This trip would be different than the ones I usually do, because I generally travel by myself. But this time I decided to take my mom with me. How different would it be?

I always try to pack everything in advance, but this time I had to make a last minute change. Buenos Aires is very well known - at least here - as one of the best shopping destinations. And well, we wouldn’t waste this opportunity, hahaha. In order to be prepared I was asking for some advice to TB’s. Iris (Irisita) from Argentina replied me. So sweet! Also Lili from Lima gave me some tips too. These info + the one I collected, mmm.

While I was packing I had a small problem. Gunther noticed what I was doing and didn’t let me pack, hahaha, he was biting my pants and didn’t want me to move, poor baby, Grandma and Mom are leaving together…

Anyway, I could do it. I had a big bag but the secret was that there was a medium bag inside. Just the medium had my clothes, hahaha. So I will have 2 bags for coming back home. I was ready around 8pm, when my mom arrived and started packing her suitcase. I left for a while in order to leave my homework to my Portuguese teacher. When I was back and showed my mom my brilliant idea. She told me she read that you are only able to take 1 bag with you. I checked that online, while I was doing the check in, grrrr.

So, I had to repack. It wasn’t bad, but it took some valuable minutes away. Finally I went to bed around midnight. I had already made the arrangements with a taxi in order to be picked up early in the morning. Our flight would departure at 7:30am.

Before going to bed, time to say Good Bye to Gunther. See you soon, baby!!!!

yadilitta says:
yes, he's THE Gunther, haha
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
dl4plm says:
hahah dog with a blog ... coool!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
yadilitta says:
Glad to hear you like Gunther's story. Now he has his blog, haha.
Gracias por lo de las fotos :)
Posted on: Sep 25, 2008
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Gunther didnt want me to move...
Gunther didn't want me to move...
photo by: rsvpme