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McCall and Chris' adorable house, I loved it!

On my first visit McCall and Chris' apartment was just across from the Willamatte River which I found to be a very amusing name, pronounced Will-am-it there are lots of amusing names in Oregon like Chemeketa (Shh-mek-it-A), I could go on at how many times I giggled about them but I'll stop here.

 There is moss on practically everything and mushrooms and McCall can't keep anything dry. She told me how she kept all her extra clothing in huge plastic water-tight bins in the garage to secure it but some how it all became moldy and all her old papers were soaked and ruined. Not fun.

Dad and I also stayed in the apartment and I remember the smell musky smell. I recall the roads being constantly wet and a serious lack of parking. Salem has lots of old buildings next to new ones and so many one way streets it's easy to suddenly be going the wrong way and not have a clue.

Post leaf fight! Turned out to be all that Jordon wanted to do all weekend.
McCall and Chris were both working at the Oregon's School for the Blind and we visited while we were there to see the kids they work with and be inspired by the hard work they do. The streets in downtown Salem are all set up for the blind something Las Vegas seriously lacks. We drove past the most beautiful rose garden but as it was pouring we did not stop, the colors we could see through the gates were amazing though.

On my Thanksgiving trip McCall and Chris had moved in to an adorable house that had everything down to a white picket fence, two dogs, and a park across the street. Chris' mom made the trip as well and we had an amazing Thanksgiving feast. Followed by McCall and Jordon having a leaf/mud fight in the park across the street.

Side note: While I can't prove it, I'm convinced everyone in this state is a hippy.

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McCall and Chris adorable house, …
McCall and Chris' adorable house,…
Post leaf fight! Turned out to be …
Post leaf fight! Turned out to be…
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