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well now im at the end of my trip for sure i spend wopnderfull time in vietnam with good peeps and very nice local person !!!!!!!now im free as a bid in saigon but after visiting this big city i went to delta mekong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arrive at the airport someone take me there and take a car direction mekong !!!!!!!!!!!!arrive there a boat wait me there and now the cruise beggin!!!!!!!!!!!!!we visiting the delta and stop on the island for lunch and for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we saw wonderfull things there and know more about history of this part of vietnam !!!!!!!!!at night we stop on other island who a familly wait me there for dinner and sleep we sleep at the local for this night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we met good people there two french people and 3 belgium one!!!!!!!!!!! we spend wonderfull night to talked about country travel and history of vietnam all night long!!!!!!!!!!!!well before the dinner a french friend of mine had the birthday at the same day so on the delta we do a ceremony and put fire flower on the water and open a good red wine bottle and ate a piece of cake on the boat very wonderfull experience!!!!!!!!!!!after that the dinner hummy vietnamiess meal so nice ith musician and good story too!!!!!!!!!!!

the wake up call at 5 in the morning cause we going visiting the little village there so nice we had a big market where u can buy good stuff and met good people too we spend a very nice day there before taking boat direction other island where i spend all the day the and take lunch we a friend of my guide very nice experience and we drink a lot of alchool there ahahahah i really loved my time there!!!!!!!!!!!!on this island we run to take a big snake a piton !!!!!!!!is my first experience to catch a really big snake i really love it and more later a mokey steal my glasses so we run the monkey to get back my glasses very funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!after this wonderfull day we going back to saigon where i know my end of trip coming soon but its life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arriving to saigon i will go to my hotel taked a shower and take it easy !!!!!!!!!!!after that i met a friend of mine in  arestaurant near my hotel and pass all the night to the club and make party with here and some friend very nice night !!!!!!!!!!!she live vietnam tommorrow after and me continue my trip in saigon i spend good time on the city and for sure i went to the museum of war only to know more about it!!!!!!!!!!very nice experience!!!!!!!!!!!after 2 day in saigon my trip end now its time to return home im very sad cause vietnam was a great place to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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