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Today we will catch the flight from Dusseldorf to London and from there to Sydney. I am very excited like always, did I pack everything, did I think of everything? Okay it is not like you cannot buy anything in Australia but I do not want to spend my time with shopping! :-)

Departure day! The plan was that my boyfriend comes over from Dusseldorf to drop of his bonsai at my parents and on the way back he would take me to Duesseldorf! That was the plan!

I received a call that he is not coming over because, he found somebody else to look after his plant and he got problems with his car..... well, okay I thought I will take the train, bought the ticket online and printed the schedule - easy!

I had to catch the bus to the S-Bahn (city train) station from there it would only be one station where I would catch the train - easy!

I arrived at the S-Bahn station and thought - "hmm, where did I put my purse???" Of course, I could not find it - at the same time my S-Bahn arrived to take me to the train - they actually waited for me because he saw that I was searching for something deep inside my bag! :-( Did not find it - gave him the signal not to wait for me any longer!

I called my dad - HELP! - to pick me up take me back to my flat and then give me a ride to the train station.... the problem was, he did not have his car at home, it was at the garage for an inspection! My brother`s car was there but his TÜV (technical check, we have to do every 2 years) was not valid anymore, so you are not allowed to drive it! But because I was begging him to help (it was only 8kms).

In the meantime I found my purse - of course, it was in my bag! I called home and started putting all my stuff into the trunk of a taxi, but no one answered! I was running late.........what now, got my stuff out of the taxi again and started walking down the street......

My poor dad drove around the corner, I jumped in with all my bags (backpack + camera backpack) on my lap and said can you make it to the train station within 4 minutes :-) of course not. I will never get that train.........

Drove home to my flat, got my car and drove down to Dusseldorf! It is about 70kms away, but the traffic can be really bad.....

In the end I made it - but why all that stress? FOR NOTHING!

lauro says:
hahaha you and i are exactly the same, sometimes i believe i forgot my things - wallet - handy and then with all the trouble of calling home and my friends - i just find it hidden somewhere in my bag or in the pile of clothes :D.
Posted on: Feb 20, 2007
X_Drive says:
Have a wonderful time! I hope you packed your camera. :)
Posted on: Nov 08, 2006
londonstudent says:
You're not alone - I always pack as if no shops existed more than 20 miles from London ...
Posted on: Nov 08, 2006
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photo by: lauro