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After hearing so much about Buenos Aires I needed to see it for myself. I heard about the women, the food, the nightlife, steak, wine etc etc etc...

And yes, it is what they say it is. Im not really a city person, but this is the sort of place you could really stay and get into. There are a lot of young people from all over the world who decide to make their home here for at least a short period of time, and I can see why.

DEciding to get on with the sight seeing, I visited the Racoleta cementary (where the argentine elite are buried), San Telmo (tango, markets and antiques), La Boca (colourful buildings), main plazas, florida street and even a football game. The sights are great, but I think the main reason for seeing them, is for an excuse to just hang out in the city.

anyway, im putting some photos up on facebook right now. i was going to leave tomorrow night, but andy and damien are headed back here, and want to swap stories with me...

Its hard not to see live music around here, with some very talented street performers, and evena  live drumming troupe who didnt dissapoint.

A highlight was a local derby game of soccer/futbol... I`ve never really experienced a sporting event quite like it. You can only get tickets from the football club, which means that you must sit in a designated supporters stand. Fans are kept apart by empty seats in the stadium - out of throwing distance. The drums and singing doesnt stop the whole time, and despite there only being about 20,000 people in the stadium, the energy levels from the crowd are sky high. Fans sing, jump and clap together as one, in an extremely tight unison. To top it all off, there are hoardes of police, with shields, batons, smoke grenades, helmets, horses, bad attitudes all ready to go....

but the soccer is only one part of this city... it really is a great city... the sort of place you want to get out and walk the streets, just because it feels good.
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