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Matt (with Sprinfield Shirt), Kelly and I
yeh, i know that's not how you spell cycle... but it looks better like that.

After Vegas, headed back to LA for some R & R which was great (& in desperate need).

Through the week I was up in arms about what to do the coming weekend. I was in touch with some friends in San Diego & word was the weather was going to be awesome that weekend. So I jumped on the train on saturday morning & headed south. Once you get out of LA the train pops you out right on the beach. It's a great train ride... nothing but a piece of glass between you and uninterrupted ocean views. Once again a nervous excitement overcome me. I saw waves, and was super pumped to be heading back to the beach!

My friends Matt & Kel met me at the train startion, and after some creative driving from Matt we were back at their place at Pacific Beach.
Headed down for a sunset drink.... life's tough!!!
They were telling me about the riding on the boardwalk and how much fun it is... so soon enough we were heading down the beach on the tredley's (push-bike)....

...Wow.... once again I was bamboozled by the beach & babes. Overwhelmed by good times again. PB is a massive stretch of beach teaming with people. It was great to be back at the beach... so excited. We "cruised" up the boardwalk, stopping off at the "wavehouse" (??) for a quick beer. The jerk bouncers didn't let Matt in coz he had a "sports shirt" on... WTF? so he went and invested $2 in a "Springfield Fight Club" shirt. Quality. Then they refused my foreign ID (never had a problem with it before)... but anyway, we got a beer, then decided (well I think I decided - sorry guys), that a surf was in order.

It wasn't overly big (Mal Country), but I was stingin to get back in the ocean.
The water was fresh, but it didn't matter... was just so good to be back in the ocean. After that we headed back down to PB for some sunset beers... then proceeded on a bit of a pub crawl around SD - mode of tansport..... Tredley of course... this town rocks!

After a quality night out trying my arrogant (I disgust myself) best to get my aussie accent out there, we lounged around the next day, but enjoyed a quality 2 ft "fun" surf session. Doesn't sound too impressive, but really was a great time...... you know what I mean. Went to check out a 80's cover band after that... they were the last minute replacement for Ryan Adams (DAMN!) & there was no one there, but still had a great time. Met some of Matt & Kel's friends who (I found out after) at pretty sucessful executives but had no problems in giving me a hard time about not going hard enough the night before in PB.
just checkin' it.
Damn them.

Matt and I decided to push on sunday night, and enjoyed a few Bud's and Grand Marnier (what the??? I don't believe you bought that matt... ha ha ha). Met some cool girls, but decided to call it a night before things got too creepy.

Enjoyed another quality surf sesh, but arms were pretty buggared from the days before... the afternoon I needed to leave Matt & Kel in some peace so went for an explore and before long, ended up hangin out at the bar with some random crazy's..... Ended up back at their pad, but before long some grommy's were going crazy out the front trying to fight - on a monday night?! what the? so I got outta there and got a good night's sleep. The next day was just hangin out, before I tried to get the train at 4pm. Stuffed up and read the timetable wrong... so I had head down town and get the next one at 6. Was ok though, got to see downtown - much like any other city.... give me Pacific Beach Anyday!

...made it home safely for another good nights sleep...

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Matt (with Sprinfield Shirt), Kell…
Matt (with Sprinfield Shirt), Kel…
Headed down for a sunset drink....…
Headed down for a sunset drink...…
just checkin it.
just checkin' it.
a couple of hot chicks.
a couple of hot chicks.
preffered mode of transport: Tredl…
preffered mode of transport: Tred…
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