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...so we made it out of Atacames succesfully.... and im now writing from Quito. Not a bad city in the andes. Things to do, churches to see, mountains to climb.....

...So quito is great... we checked out the old colonial town, climbed the basilica (a chruch - with 80m high belltowers), went up the gondola, then went up it again to climb the nearby volcano.... all 4,800m of it... which was challenging!!! i think i underestimated the effects of the altitude!!

It also happened to be Quito´s annual festival during our stay (like that was a coincidence!), which meant a week of parties, live music and lively people! The main attraction was bullfights everyday during the week. Most tourists are somewhat disturbed by the bullfighting ´sport´, and its justified. THe bulls are injured before they enter the arena, then hassled by 4-5 guys, then the matador comes out.... and by theis stage, the bull has lost most of its fight. Then its killed.

BUT i can appreciate the sport. The matadors do show a lot of skill, and the crowd loves them for it. The highlight was the last matador who was actually on a horse... and chased, and was chased by the bull all around the arena....it was quite the show.

Needless to say we joined in the parties at night time, which left me with a bad headache... especially when we were headed up to the market town of otovalo the next day.....
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photo by: Bluetraveler