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Sad to leave Santa CAtalina we jumped in the car with our new californian mates headed for Playa Venao.

I'm still not sure whats quicker... the bus or car.... the bus always stops, but doesnt't have to backtrack like a car full of lost Gringo's.... anyway, whilst en-route, we stumbled on a good ol fashion outside of Las Tablas....YES!

People from surrounding towns were gathered around the arena, which was actually the town square (which I suppose is normally a lush lawn), converted into a muddy rodeo! Everyone was well and truly into the beers by the time we showed up & only too happy to try out their english on us.

Bulls were let loose in the arena, free to torment the matadors.

.. which was anyone game or drunk enough to get amongst it. Really was quite a spectacle... everyone had a great time cheering yelling and whilsting at the chaos.

Anyway, we cruised onto playa venao before it got too dark to read road signs.... (resulting in being lost... again).

Playa Venao is a quiet beach. More quiet than Santa CAtalina... one restaurant, and two accomodation options.Still pretty as ever.... plently of rolling farmlands (again.... like a hotter version of North Island NZ), coconuts & even howler monkeys.

The waves were ok... not crowded at all through the week, and a very small weekend crowd from the city... The accomodation was one of the best. A little eco lodge set in the hills.... there were only a few people there the whole time... and it was like having our own (luxury) house!!

Thinking of venturing further along the coast (also further off the beaten path) to another break called 'cambutal', we set out one day to hitch since there are no buses.


Cambutal was three towns away... and the roads aren't very busy.... at all. After only 20 mins we jagged a ride to the next town, Cana.... where we sat for 2 hours trying to get a ride further down the road.

We weren't so licky, but the odds were against us. At one point, there were no vehicles for 30 mins! .... an anythign that was headed that way was usually a cattle truck or which we couldnt get ride in anyway!

After giving up, we decided to buy some groceries from the local tienda (there is no store in venao). Our groceries were limited in selection by either our small spanish vocabulary, or their limited variety. As we paid for our groceries,.... you'll never guess.... the bus rolled on past for the next town... Tonosi. Sh!t. It was too late. We had already declared defeat & were headed for Venao.

...where we enjoyed another 4 days of sun & surf. On the weekend, the crowds rolled in & everyone camped on the beach, socialising in the evening... it is always good to meet some local people. It was an interesting evening as the panemanians tried to practice their english with us, and we tried to practice our spanish.... hilarious!

Anyway, time to move on... off to the city.... visa is up in a week!!!

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playa venao
photo by: zakw