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...so we´re really keeping on the move now. it seems like we´re going from bus ride to bus ride & something seems a miss with not enjoying the culture as much as we could.... but the truth is we´re just hanging to get back to the beach.

anyway,  we found some neat accomodation in the jungle in palenque. the day we arrived we decided to check out the ruins (Maya). Amazing... semi reconstructed, but original sections still had the old stucco & enough details to really appreciate what the history. The only bummer was that we were ushered out after only an hour of two of arriving. Being a little dissapointed with our Palenque ruins experience, we decided to walk down to our accomodation, and sneak back in for a quick peek. well, we made it part of the way back in, and were in awe of the chorus coming from the howler monkeys in rainforest canopy.

... until. we were sprung by a guy wearing all black carrying a massive rifle. he didn´t look official, and we couldn´t work out what he was doing there... regardless he took it well, and we promptly left the park.

...and just to seal the deal, we were pulled up again by police who thought we were up to no good. they wanted to see everything i had in my bag and pockets... given that he was carrying a shotgun we obliged. all was good, and they just concluded we were a little lost (true). we did enjoy an evening of pizza cards and a few drinks at a cool bar in the jungle.

the next saw we decided to go on a tour to some of the local waterfalls.... agua azul was ok, but the highlight was misol ha where we explored a cave behind the waterfall in which there was another waterfall! crazy... but cool. heaps of bats and even a snake were the wildlife we spotted!!!

all up palenque was a great experience.... and the weekend was coming up, so we knew we had to get to the beach soon... so off to campeche the next day...

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trina - is this an air plant???
trina - is this an air plant???
photo by: monky