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The Luxor & Me with a Lifesaving cap... ha ha
I'll Do my best to describe my experience in Vegas - but no words will ever describe what went down.

After coming back from the Lake I enjoyed a good last few days in LA with my mother. The highlight of which was probably going to the Getty Museum in LA with Mum. It's a pretty neat place. I'm not much of an art buff, but really enjoyed strolling through the museum scoping the art, gardens and view all out. We Ended up getting kicked out after the museum shut - fairly typical for both Mum & I.

...So I'd been talking to my mate Jon who missed my going away BBQ the weekend before in Australia because he lost the plot at the Gold Coast. Turns out he was in the states. I think he wanted to tear LA apart the weekend before, but I couldn't as I went out to the Lake with the Family.
Poolside at the Luxor
So anyway, we had't caught up in a long time, so he threw up the bomb - "weekend in vegas?" Enough said.

I picked up a rental car in LA, and said goodbye to m mother for an indefinite period which was quite sad....

Soon enough I found myself in a rental car driving through the desert on the way to Vegas. Nervous energy was overcoming me & every song on the radio seemed to be better than the last... I don't know why?!?

I don't like to think of myself as one to be sucked into bright lights and marketing ploys, but in vegas, one cannot help it. It's overwhelming... we've all been there, and I'm sure you know what I mean. I booked into the big pyramid hotel (Luxor)... nice room with two beds. Was a bit skeptical on it all until I opened the curtains..... voila! a pool that was packed! Went down and checked it out and wished I had a mate there with me....

...So I picked up Jon from the airport (he came from Utah), and sped back to the hotel. Such excitement... we were like little Kids. We spent that night roaming the streets, buying takeaway beers & being mistaken for the "Thunder from Downunder" - multiple times. Didn't even come close to getting into a bar - we were just blown away by the bright lights. Somehow we got separated, but ended up back at the room. I crashed first.... Zak - 0, Jon - 1. Damn.

Woke up the next day, and headed down the pool & downed a few tomato juices in a vague attempt to supress my headache from the night before.... much to my suprise it kinda worked, but before I know it I had another drink in my hand. We met up with some random girls at the pool who seemed like good value.

After a big day at the pool we headed out to dinner with our new friends & enjoyed some quality sushi at MGM grand. Food was good, sake was good... but there was simply not enough of either to fuel our horrendous appetite or thirst. Oh well.... a couple of takeaway beers should do it! That night we actually went into the club in the Pyramid... which was ok. I'm not really into that kinda scene, but had to experience it to get the full vegas experience. Jon and I got separated again, and soon enough it was time for bed.... but when I got back to the room Jon was nowhere to be seen.... so in the classic rivalry we have against each other, I couldn't let him out do me, so roamed the casino for a little more, before heading to bed.... sure enough Jon had crashed Zak 1 - Jon 1. ha ha ha.

The next day I woke up and thought to myself.... this isn't over. I'm staying another night. So I arranged that, then we had to check out something which was rumoured to be the biggest thing in Vegas - The Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel. After roaming the streets for about an hour in a burning sun, we managed to find the pool. It WAS the biggest thing in vegas.... Rehab was crazy... heaps of Good looking girls (but none were interested in us, coz we didn't have an unlimited credit card), Fun tunes, sunshine and a massive pool... what more could you ask for? I did turn to Jon and say "If I were writing a book this is how it would be"..... at this point I had a moment of realisation. Vegas has got me in it's claws... Damn. I just had to go along for the ride.

...But soon enough Jon left. Then 'Vegas' took my wallet and phone from the poolside, but all was not lost. I met up with some good Aussie blokes who looked after me & made sure I survived the afternoon. Thanks Joey & Z if you read this. Champions. I was most upset about my lost belongings and arranged the cancellation of my credit card. I headed back to the room for some shut-eye, but was most surprised when there was a phone message from some people who found my wallet! LEGENDS!

The next day I simply had to get outta there... so I began a seedy journey back through the desert in the hire car towards LA. It wasn't an easy drive, but I knew it had to be done.... it did take me a few days to get over that little excursion.

Oh, and the reason I have no photo's is that camera's were simply not on the agenda. Way too busy being fun.
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The Luxor & Me with a Lifesaving c…
The Luxor & Me with a Lifesaving …
Poolside at the Luxor
Poolside at the Luxor
Las Vegas
photo by: maka77