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so the last night in cartageña turned out to a be a little eventful.... being a frienday night, we (our new post yacht trip gang) decided to go out for a few drinks. It was ok, but wasnt into it as much as the others, so came home early by myself. i was buzzing to get into the hostel, and the guy on the desk took a little while to get to the counter... and in the meantime a local came up mumbling some jibberish to me.... fumbling for something in the back of his pants... i didnt know what it was, and I was just playing it all down, trying to say i had no money, of course he didnt belive me. I was hoping the guy let me in to the hostel... well it went on too long for the guy to safely let me in the hostel, and the bandito was clearly up to something.
.. and started raising his voice and looking around a lot... turns out he had a big knife... and it got a little one point he had one hand of the knife, and the other undoing my watch as i tried to push him away. he was getting angry at me resiting to give him anything. getting angry quickly.

some local guys who knew our gang (they were always trying to sell us drugs), caught eye of it, and rushed down to help me out... there was a bit of a shouting match and i parted with about $5000 pesos ($6 aus) to sort the bandito out, then went up to a bar to wait until the bandito dissapeared from out of the hotel, to have another attempt at getting in, and i kind of had to buy these other guys some drinks...  they were my guards in a way.
well i ended up getting in to the hotel ok, but i had to pay them 20,000 pesos... all up i was about $30aud down from the whole situation...

it was kinda ironic, because i wasnt drinking at the bar, but ended up spending the same amount of money paying off street guys (good and bad) to get home safely... all up, just bad luck that the guys took so long to let me into the hotel. i did everything right... well lit streets, walked with intention, just had to wait for the dude to let me in. In hindsight, I should have just walked back up to the corner where there was a busy bar. I didn´t know if the guy trying to mug me was on his own or not, so didnt want to piss him off too much by hitting him or otherwise... I probably got the best outcome

...Anyway, we decided to get going to Taganga. This place is pretty neat... rugged coastline on the carribean ocean. We arrived on the weekend, and there was plently of life in the town witha  little festival for the patron saint. Music always blaring from somewhere, cheap food, nice hostels....

On wednesday we´re off to the lost city (cuidad perdida)... a few days walk into the wilderness.... stay tuned.
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photo by: will62