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Oh boy, we are tired, yet somehow we manage to have some energy to have a great time in the great city of Fashion, that is if we find it... As usual by now, we get lost once again. Off the autostrada, we get into we think is Milano (Milan), and I ask some people: Dov'e il Duomo? (where's the duomo?) hoping to find that mega-cathedral full of spires and statues; they direct us to a square (piazza) where there's barely a person, we park, and walk towards the Duomo, my first thought: It's no that big... and it doesn't resemble the pictures... we ask other people about the Duomo... "that is" all of them agree... Something is fishy around here! Well, it turns out that every cathedral is called "duomo" in Italy and that we were not in Milano, but in neighbouring Monza!! After all, it was funny. Get on the autostrada again, then out to a fuel station, I buy a map and ask the guy there, he gave us good directions... We are finally in the center of Milano! It's midnight and we find lots of young people around, having a great time, some a little too into alcohol, two of them show us where the "real" Duomo was. We take our Opel and drive (sometimes thru closed streets) until we get to the piazza where the Duomo is... to find it all covered by murals and under restauration! Anyways, we walk, take pictures, check the big gallery of shops, Ana, of course, checking the clothing and accessories behing windows (everything was closed, it was around 1 AM). Later we are on the road heading to Venezia (Venice)...
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photo by: williamsworld