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the most famous mosaic: the eyes of the gipsy girl
The first day after arriving my Mum and me deceided to go to Gaziantep.
In the morning we went to the rent a car service together with Fatih to get our car, after that Fatih had to go
working. But Deniz' friend Ozan came with us.
So after we got the car we drove to Gaziantep. During driving it started raining. Not to less. Because if that our
first decission after arriving in Gaziantep was to look for a shopping mall. Cause our baggage didn't arrive yet
we didn't had any shoes made for walking in the rain.
So - the first thing we visited: was a shopping mall ;-))
Thanks to Ozan by the way - he was really patient with us while my Mum and me were looking for some shoes. Haha... women and shoes -
nothing more to say ;-))
Unfortunatelly Ozan had to leave after we bought some shoes - he had to get his train to Adana.
inside the castle area...

So my Mum and me were on our own.
Firstly we deceided to visit the museum what was really interesting. There were lots of mosaics to see.
After that we went to the castle. That was also really nice, cause we had a great view over Gaziantep.

Anyway, it was late and we deceided to go back to Urfa. What wasn't that easy... cause there were no roadsigns...
and Gaziantep isn't that small... We saw signs for the museum, the castle.. but not to Urfa - so I stopped and just asked a
man walking by: Urfa nerede???!!!
He was really polite, got into the car and showed me where to go...

In the evening after arriving again in Urfa I picked up Deniz at a parkingplace and we went having some dinner.
Later also Fatih joined and we had a nice evening all together.

But best of all was the moment we got back to our hotel and saw our baggage behind the reception desk!!! :-)))
I really was that lucky - you can't believe - haha!

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the most famous mosaic: the eyes o…
the most famous mosaic: the eyes …
inside the castle area...
inside the castle area...
one of the mosaics in the museum
one of the mosaics in the museum
one of the mosaics in the museum
one of the mosaics in the museum
the gipsy girl mosaic
"the gipsy girl" mosaic
rebuilding the historical city in …
rebuilding the historical city in…
on the castle
on the castle
again the castle
again the castle
the castle
the castle
view to the city
view to the city
sitting all together in the evenin…
sitting all together in the eveni…
photo by: Memo