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İ am ın İstanbul and learnıng a new keyboard wıth usual letters, not unlıke thıs cıty fılled wıth unusual experıences and sıtes.  İt has been an excellent day, but just tourıst attractıons; Galata Brıdge, the Spıce Bazaar, Aya Sophıa.  All were worth the vısıt, and the Turks lıve up to theır reputatıon for beıng very frıendly people.  We have been offered much that came wıth a smıle and wıthout cost.  We have been treated wıth respect and kındness and much polıteness.  So far so good.  Tomorrow nıght to Turkey v Bosnıa and we shall see how young males handle themselves, but so far all has been excellent.  The aırport was, however, a mess.  Sımple to say that buyıng a vısa and passıng throough pass control was a herd affaır, just a large large group all pushıng slowly forward together, no lınes, lıttle order.  Sımılar to board a Northwest flıght ın Detroıt.  But, the hotel, Sebnem, ıs staffed by exceptıonally nıce young men who speak good Englısh and good German.  The roof topo vıew ıs excellent and the prıce ıs very low.  I recommend the hotel for the kındness of the staff alone, but the breakfast was sumptuous and very tasty...and very fresh...and ıncluded.  
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This is one of the best moments in a trip: the anticipation, everything is packed, and repacked, and repacked; check lists checked and checked and recheck.  Notes sent to son on how to conduct my affairs in my absence, or should I not return...yup, a reality and better to leave things organized than confused...  And now, I am typing an entry, had my breakfast, looking at the photo of my guardian angle, my recently deceased dog, and preped to head downtown and get a power of attorney notarized...just in case. 

This early afternoon, it is 8am now, we will board a small jet and head from Fort Wayne to Detroit.  The Fort Wayne airport is a treat: no congestion, friendly people, comfortable and easy-going, not to mention clean and modern.  The Detroit airport has gotten better, but is more confusing, cacaphonous and unfriendly.  It is a pass-through.  We will board a Northwest Airliner tonight and head for Amsterdam, one of my favorite airports and then on to Istanbul. 

A friend is driving us to the airport.  I have a couple of sandwiches, two apples, two bananas and two bags of trail mixed, personally concocted, and a journal.  The journal and I have been to Russia and Ukraine, Germany and England and a dozen other countries.  I have three journals and the entries are interesting to review twenty travel years later. 

So, yet to do this morning is to call my elderly mother to reassure her that Turks are nice people, too.  (A few friends have reminded me of the movie Midnight Express.), get that power of attorney and then pick up my traveling buddy for the trip back to my house and the final ride to the airport via my friend's lovely old Buick. 

I will see you after we land and I find an internet cafe.  Gute Reise, Freunden!
Fort Wayne
photo by: jimsack