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It is a great joy to plan this trip.  It has been so long since I have had time to leave my work and see another part of the world.  You see, a couple of years ago my wife left.  She wanted to adopt children, so she went back to Belarus and was successful.  She now is the proud mother of two kids.  I had told her, though, before we were married that I was done with raising children and she agreed then...later she changed her mind and tried to impose her will on me.  Our divorce is nearing a conclusion and it has cost us both a great deal.  The joke goes that men marry women hoping they will never change and women marry men planning to change them.  So, for the past two years I have struggled to keep house, business and my small family together.  Three months ago my best friend died.  I killed him, or at least took him to the veterinary who administered a shot that killed him.  My friend, Unart, 12 and half year old giant schnauer, came to me in the marriage...I brought him from Belarus via bus, plane, tram, and car here.  Over the ten yrears we were together he became my constant companion and most of me died when that injection stopped his "strong heart."  So, I have stablized my business, I have a little money in the bank and Art no longer needs me.  So, I am off to Istanbul, land of Pomuk, dervishes, hammami, Besiktas, the Golden Horn and a hundred other Turkish delights. 

I have read Pomuk, the great writer of Turkish literature, and have learned about his city and its huzun, its melancholy,  but I guess that has ebbed in the past few years as the city has greatly grown and millions have swelled the area.  They do not remember the slow deterioration of the city after the end of empire, the defeat a hundred years ago and the humiliation of losing the seat of government.  So, what I will see probably will only echo faintly huzun and Pomuk.  I will see a rising city, arguably the greatest city between Paris and Tokyo, a true world capital, a city on the rebound. 

Recently, my traveling companion and I aquired the movie "Crossing the Bridge" to learn more about contemporary Istanbul.  I recommend it.  The video, shot by the same man who produced Gegen die Wand, Fatih Akin, is a montage of musical stories women to describe contemporary Istanbul's music scene.  Wow.  I have missed so much and plan to take in just a tiny bit of what I saw.  One month from now I will be there.  I am excited.
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