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Confederation bridge

I consider myself of above average inteligence. In doing so I join the vast majority of educated people, which has the effect of making the perceived average null and void. I have a degree from a red brick university and I even attended a few lectures while I was there.

And so it is with utter shame and embarassment that I write this blog entry. I give you...the washing up.

I took my bowl of dirty lunch crokery down to the shower block at the end of my lane of tents. Upon discovering that there weren't any kitchen sinks, I cleverly set about using the bathroom sinks. placing my items carefully on the side, I selected a dish at random. In this case it was a plate, I might have easily chosen a bowl or even a spoon. A gent cheekily snatched the sink behind me, so I waited and then.

Confederation bridge, with distance water! I turned the tap to full hot, nothing! cold...nothing! hmm. I tried the other sink, a trickle. ok I'll use that one. Another gent came over and used my first sink. A lovely stream of water aided the rinsing of his fingers. how strange. None at my sink, I'll move back. I readjusted the tap and a put the plate in the sink. a trickle of tepid water meandered down the greasy plate. hmm low water pressure. Following the pipes I found a cold tap under the bench, I filled by bucket with that and went about my business. All seamed well, until later I had another bowl of dirty crockery, this time from dinner. down to the shower block again. This time no water at all anywhere. I didn't want to use cold from under the bench again, so I wandered up to the main building. Same situation, no water. ok this is strange, surely they can't expect people to put up with this!

I entered the office and explained my predicament, to which came the reply:

"they're sensor taps, you just move your hands"


davethree says:
Tee Hee! Thats my bro - completely au fay with modern technology :-) I'm very jealous of all your excellent adventures - the blog is facinating also. Please add photos of the washing up!

Catch you later, dude,

Posted on: Jul 23, 2008
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Confederation bridge from the road

On Monday I woke up and thought I’d better get going. I’d spent far too long lazing around the farmhouse in grand desert. I loaded the car, having discovered that my footwells were drenched from a down pour we had that morning. (I think my door isn’t sealing properly after the lost car key episode). I squeezed as much water as I could out of the carpet and headed out.

My route took me to the confederation bridge that links Prince Edward Island to the Mainland. Its huge. Its 12 something km long, and they only charge you to cross it on the way back.

The Campsite I’d chosen was on the north shore (to try and avoid an oncoming weather front) so I high tailed it over there. It was beautiful site where the camping pitches are set in clearings within a pine forest next to the beach.
Confederation bridge
Confederation bridge
Confederation bridge, with distance
Confederation bridge, with distance
Confederation bridge from the road
Confederation bridge from the road