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My Friend's dog teaches a random rock a good lesson.

My mad weekend continued on Sunday morning, recovering from two days of revelry I had promised S that I would accompany her on a 10k run. Cleverly I opted to cycle along while she ran, which worked out great for me, didn't even break a sweat!

That Evening through an amazing coincidence some of my great friends from Burlington Ontario were in town following a cruise they took from Vancouver up to Alaska and back. We shared stories over a very tasty Greek meal at 'The Main' in Riley park, and parted not knowing when I would get to see them again. Thanks M for shouting us on the meal!

Monday was fraught with activity as I prepared for my departure to Vancouver Island. I wanted to say thanks to S for letting me stay at her apartment for so many days, so I set about preparing some surprises. The first was some English foods obtained from a local importer I found on the internet: Galloway speciality foods. I managed to get some highly coveted Branston pickle and some highland shortbread. Next back to Riley park where I'd seen a whole load of antique stores. I wanted to fix up S's living room table lamp by restoring to it the three missing amber glass tear-drops. I found something close and then went to and electrics store to get a new socket unit and fascia for the wall near the lamp.

Back at the apartment I utterly failed to find the right switch breaker. The following description is foolhardy and slightly over dramatised but should never be attempted. Ever. So failing to find the correct breaker and not wanting to turn all four apartments in the quadraplex off, I sort the next best thing: rubber gloves. I put my rubber soled trainers on, found one rubber glove under the sink, but as for glove number two: who knows. I substituted a plastic bag. Equipped thus I set about changing the wall socket.

Everything was going fine until The metal screw driver I was using came into contact with my skin through a small hole in the bag. DDD-AAANNNGGG and blast. A shock juddered through my right arm, across my chest and down through my left arm, which was unfortunately earthing itself against the side of the old socket. I stood up super fast dropping the tools, with a shout that echoed around the room and abruptly woke up the dog. We looked at each other with mild confusion.

Kairos returned to her slumber, I upgraded my hand-bag* to one without holes, I then carefully set about attaching the new socket, while all the time using my trusty insulated pliers, one in each hand, to manipulate the wires and socket. Soon all was done and my heart rate began to return to normal. Phew.

*no not that type of hand bag.

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My Friend's dog teaches a random …
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