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You. Pay.

My next two days were spent in Victoria, starting first with the Museum of British Columbia. I got a ticket and found out when the next tour was going (following the unrivalled success of the Manitoba museum tour I wasn't going to miss out on another). Hmm 45 minute wait. Just enough time for a spot of lunch. I found a cafe down the road which was curiously empty until I just started to eat my BLT, then a coach load of high-school kids funnelled in. They must have been famished because they all just sat down and ate with hardly a word! I scarpered off back to the museum, managing to get some Rhubarb and custard sweets from and olde English sweet shoppe on the wayye.

standard procedure. mustache is a prerequisite.

The tour was given by a retired maths professor, in his capacity as a volunteer. His tour was marvellous, although the hour he estimated soon became an hour and a half and only covered about half the top floor of the museum. I rapidly descended through the rest of the museum myself, taking in a cool if slightly creepy natural history section (lots of gloopy looking things preserved in jars), an exhibit on the more recent history of the town and a different natural history exhibit with full sized animals from the province. I entirely missed a special exhibit on the artist and writer Emily Carr, owing mostly to time constraints but also slightly because I didn't know who she was and therefore didn't know if I'd find the exhibit interesting or not. Problems like these arise from not giving oneself enough time to explore a museum of this size.
timelapse video from the stern of the B.C Ferry from Victoria to Vancouver
Really its a two day museum and I had about 2.5 hours. Still my hyper condensed visit was great, the highlights being a woolly mammoth, some very cool totem poles and a Rolls Royce formerly owed by John Lennon.

That evening I was kindly invited to a dinner party hosted by M's brother P and his wife J. They work and live at a botanical gardens and gave me a fantastic meal and a free after hours tour. Thanks P&J!

The next morning I squeezed in a trip to the Victoria Maritime museum, which totally out-did Vancouver's. Sorry Vancouver, better luck next time! At the VMM I saw an old dug-out canoe Tilikum that had been altered to make it sea-bearing and thence it was taken off on a voyage around the world. The canoe made it back in one piece, only to be left to decay and later be restored to its former glory.

After a quick lunch at the sticky wicket (beef au jus sandwich and sweet potato fries, mmmm thanks go to M & K for treating me!) I headed off for the ferry back to Vancouver. I attempted to do a short timelapse film on board. It's short but you get the general idea!

comming up: random trip into the states 

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You. Pay.
You. Pay.
standard procedure. mustache is a …
standard procedure. mustache is a…
timelapse video from the stern of…
the canoe Tilikum, a dugout that u…
the canoe Tilikum, a dugout that …
John Lennons Rolls
John Lennon's Rolls
the old parliament buildings
the old parliament buildings
tusk tusk.
tusk tusk.
that happened to me once, but that…
that happened to me once, but tha…
a torpedo at the Victoria Maritime…
a torpedo at the Victoria Maritim…
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