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I forgot to mention on my pleasant bay posting that I saw a bear. I was driving through the mountains on my way to Cheticamp when a brown bear cub, maybe 2 or 3 years old ambled out into the road about 300 yards away from me. Panic seized us both. One hand on the steering wheel, I desparately scrabbled around with my free hand to locate the camera. Mean while the bear desparately scrabbled around to find its entrance back into the bush. I glanced down, camera, got it! I glanced up, the bear looked over its shoulder at me with an expression of ripe defaecation on its face. I glanced down, I had to get the camera out of its case. I glanced up and my eyes met a road with a distinct absence of bear. dang.

Then this morning the most amazing thing happened. I had escorted a huge family in convoy up to their cottage. when we arrived P (the head honcho at Cabot Shores) suggested we walk through the woods down to the beach. I concurred so off we went. The beach is separated from the woods by a steep cliff. There is a rope in one spot to ease descent. We went down, and heaved ourselves back up a few minutes later. Then we headed for the next door neighbours property, as he is a friend of P. Following the cliff top path we kept stopping for wild raspberries (raspberries are about an 8 on the Andy scale, currently the scale doesn't go high enough to express wild raspberries so they are rounded down to a 10). We heard a commotion in the brush, and soon we saw a humungous bull moose standing (or so we thought) about 15 metres away. Its antlers were so large it has its own air space. Transatlantic flights have to alter their path when it moves its head. The moose looked at us and rapidly unfolded four telescopic leg sections and stood up. yikes this thing was tall. After stomping around in a circle it fled off into the woods, casting a flurry of leaves in the air in its wake.

"was that a moose?" I tentitively asked.

"yes Andy, THAT was a moose."

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photo by: AndyBrook