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I was invited along by friends K and M to have desert at a local ice cream establishment by the name of Dimitri’s. Little did I know that I had been lured unknowingly to compete in an icecream eat-off of gigantic proportions.

May I introduce the four ice-cream eaters of the apocalypse: Chunky (war played by J), Minty (pestilence played by G), Raspberry Swirl (greed played by my good self) and Toffee-Choc (famine played by M).

Chunky and Minty had come prepared with two colossal ice-cream vessels, in the shape of cocktail glasses. Dimitri’s used to have these gigantic glasses until the management worked out it was more profitable if everybody ordered separate deserts instead of a bunch of people feeding off one 5 scoop sundae. These colossal vessels were promptly filled with a variety of different ice-cream flavours, and topped with waffle fans.
more icecream!

Raspberry swirl ordered a banana crepe, which was considered bad form, meanwhile toffee-choc obtained a whopping slice of cake.

The tables are littered with the accoutrements of hungry customers and the players are jostling for position at the ‘please wait to be served’ sign. The flag is up, and they’re off and running.

Taking an early lead we find chunky, assuming a no-chewing policy closely followed by Minty with an interesting double spoon technique. Coming up on the inside its raspberry swirl now neck and neck with Minty and toffee-choc taking the rear.

Into the first corner, we find Minty pulling ahead, with Chunky regretting that second donut he had at lunchtime. A surprise beverage delays Raspberry swirl and he falls to the rear, with Toffee-choc in third place.
even MORE icecream!

An unforeseen napkin shortage delays Toffee choc as Raspberry swirl makes a late comeback. Minty now leading closely followed by Chunky, with possible foul play involving straw blow-darts. Adjudication concludes a beverage penalty to Minty and Chunky takes the lead.

Toffee-choc has downed spoon! He is withdrawing from the race, Raspberry swirl takes up the challenge of the remaining cake slice, having finished the crepe.

Three players remain now, with Chunky back in the lead, a late second wind from Minty brings him back neck and neck and Raspberry swirl is struggling having been presented with a chocolate-vanilla sundae.

Raspberry –Swirl is down too! We are at a close with Minty taking his chance to even up the now melted ice-cream to draw with Chunky.

Feeling painfully full we headed off to get some Pepto-Bismol.
Eric says:
Wow that looks delicious. Makes me miss the gelato in Rome.
Posted on: Mar 12, 2009
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more icecream!
more icecream!
even MORE icecream!
even MORE icecream!
photo by: nathanphil