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The Lone Wolf

The next day (thursday) E took me out to breakfast at the Lone wolf. I had ‘where’s the carbs?’ (a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon) and as I like toast with my scrambled egg, I ordered a side to accompany it. The minutes passed and we chatted away about E’s recent article in the gazette and my sudden return to the UK. The waitress returned and slid the plate in front of me, proudly exclaiming to all who would hear “where’s the carbs? with a side of carbs.” After breakfast I hit the road. My route took me south,  and then along the New York Turnpike all the way up to run west, just south of Lake Ontario.


I stopped a few times to make chicken noodle soup (the choice food of all long distance adventurers such as myself). One stop took me to a road side lay-by with no loos. Another vehicle stopped near to me and the large bearded driver set his seat back for a snooze. Daja vu caught me and I recall a very similar bearded driver stopping at a Walmart in New Brunswick and snoozing there too.

Maple leaf fudge shop
Then again I also recall a very similar car with a sleeping driver at the ferry terminal in Newfoundland. Were my travels being closely followed? The chances of it being the same chap where very slim, but I decided to through him off the scent by driving off while he was still asleep.


Having evaded capture once again, our hero fled north to the border at Niagara falls, a deft flash of his Citizen card to the border control and he was back safe in Canada.


The first thing was to re-fuel properly now that I had access to proper fuel pumps where you can fill up and THEN pay. America you are too paranoid, but you have cheap fuel so I’ll let you off this time. Just this once mind, and I don’t want to hear about it again.


With what seemed like minutes to spare until the shop shut I raced over to the town of Niagara on the lake where the best fudge shop in the world touts its wares. I parked up and speed walked down the high street, overtaking the pondering tourists and sending them fleeing into gift shops in my wake.


I queued behind a few people at the Maple leaf fudge shop and counted on my fingers the quantity of fudge I would need. I was observed by the lady behind the counter and when she had finished with her customers she said


“You must have reached 24 by now”

“er (I paused for effect) yes that sounds about right”

“are you serious?”

“well, how many flavours do you have”


“then I’ll have one of each”


The two ladies who run the shop stopped aghast and their jaws dropped. Before I had time to change my mind, they set about wrapping and labelling each flavour into a box. I chatted to them while they packed, saying that the fudge was for my friends back in England and that we had just lost one of our closest chums. All in I spent $100 on fudge and it made their day!


Back on the road I made it up to my Sister’s place in another hour or so. I filled K & D in on my latest adventures and went to bed.

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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
Maple leaf fudge shop
Maple leaf fudge shop
photo by: Laurabob