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My Custom webcam mount

My Exams are done, My car is finally ready (following a new clutch, oil change and a stupid problem involving my windscreen wipers) so I'm finally ready to head out on the western part of a journey I started three years ago!

Three years you ask? Why has it taken so long? I find there are two trains of thought when it comes to big expeditions, there's the 'make it happen come what may' camp and the 'wait for the opportune moment' camp. Myself akin to a scary looking reptile waiting on a tree branch to eat some unsuspecting locust, I too have been biding my time (but hopefully not so scary looking, and I only get a long sticky tongue from eating too many Werther's originals)

I'm going to drive to Vancouver, or maybe a little bit further.

Readying my various camping acoutrements
My route takes me through some amazingly flat and amazingly mountainous terrain, and I'll be making a timelapse film of my adventure out to the west coast.

I've rigged up a webcam in my car, and a sneaky device to a take picture every 15 seconds. This will result in (Andy does a rough calculation) a film that is about 13 minutes long, but covers everything from my front door to Vancouver waterfront. Yikes, that's FAST.

I'm hoping the webcam will also catch the odd picture of wildlife that I might miss with my own camera, but maybe that's asking too much. I've already totally invalidated it's warranty by drilling through the base to get a custom* mount attached, so I don't imagine the webcam is very pleased with me at the moment. In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if I discover in Vancouver that I've produced a 13 minute film of me eating Werther's originals at high speed. I'll have to buy it a lens cap or something to cheer it up.

Tomorrow: heading to Killbear park (or maybe Sudbury, if everything goes well)

* I say custom mount, its really just a bit of wood I swore at long enough to make it the right size and shape.

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My Custom webcam mount
My Custom webcam mount
Readying my various camping acoutr…
Readying my various camping acout…
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Andy makes his move
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the road trip refreshment of choice
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