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Sunset at Mohawk


A friend of a friend back in England gave me a leaflet detailing a campsite about half way between Fredricton and the bay of Fundy, So I thought I’d pop in on my way through.

‘Mohawk camping’ said the sign, it should have read ‘Mohawk camping - come and see the friendliest bunch of people who ever lived’.

I was walmly greeted by some ‘seasonals’ a term I later found out doesn’t mean they live in aisle 5 next to condaments, but instead means they come back every year and often own a trailer on site, which they visit every weekend during the summer. These Seasonals sent me in the direction of the site house, where I met a superb pair of people B and his wife S. They welcomed me in and because I was vaguely associated with S’s sister back in England, they offered me a bed for the night! Cheers B & S! after a sleepless night having lost my debit card I really needed a proper sleep.

Woody was about to BBQ a flying saucer he had found

Wishful thinking. B introduced me to a seasonal called Woody, who introduced me to a whole bunch down on the lake shore, and to Barbara who introduced me to the concept of black rum on the rocks.

At 4am I staggered back to the site house and found my bed. Ouch.

The next day I caught up with B. He’s an expat mechanic, with a passion for anything with an engine. He was telling me about the floods they had back in May, when the lake flooded out about half the campsite. The sump pump (an electric pump in their basement) couldn’t cope so they went and got two more. If those couldn’t cope he explained, he’d use the petrol powered pump he’s got in the garage. Jokingly I asked what would happen if that couldn’t cope either.

‘Oh, I’d just use the one on my Fire engine’ said B, dissmissively.

Mohawk Fire dept proudly presents...

‘you’ve got a fire engine?!’

‘yeah I use it to flush through the fowl water system of the campsite, but that pump is nothing campared to the one on my Duck’

B lead me outside and pointed me first to the fire engine, a beefy looking Red Dodge tanker complete with all the fire dept decals and siren. Then he pointed to the Duck. Yikes that thing is scary. Its an Amphibious vehicle, but its so huge I think the water just gets out of its way in fear.

The next few days I spent finding out how the campsite works, and many of the 1000s of interesting gadgets that B has to keep things running. I even got to ride in the fire engine.

I took a day out and went down to Sussex and through the provincial park to Hopewell on the bay of fundy.

covered bridges. They're just shy ok?
I had made it to the Atlantic!

Hopewell rocks. And it’s home to a place called Hopewell Rocks. These rocks have been carved by an usual tide. When its low its very very low and when its high its very very high, a bit like my voice. This combined with layers of easily errodable rock has lead to formations that look somewhat like giant nice n’ spicy flavour Nik Naks that a careless Ogre has left jutting out of the sand on his day at the beach. Definetly worth seeing. I went at high tide and got some pictures, then I returned at low tide the next day so I could walk on the ocean floor and get some more pictures.

Next : The return to Fundy…

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Sunset at Mohawk
Sunset at Mohawk
Woody was about to BBQ a flying sa…
Woody was about to BBQ a flying s…
Mohawk Fire dept proudly presents.…
Mohawk Fire dept proudly presents…
covered bridges. Theyre just shy …
covered bridges. They're just shy…
wet dogs. Just for Tim.
wet dogs. Just for Tim.
Have they no respect for the dead?
Have they no respect for the dead?
photo by: bluemarbletreader