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play with me! play with me!
On Friday last week I turned the ignition key and the car grumbled into life. It was minus something outrageous outside, and if I had been the car I would have stayed in bed. My ford focus wagon is still looking for a shop that sells a quadruple King, so I was careful not to let it know that there is a sale on at ‘the Brick’ (national chain mattress store). Despite its complaints the car warmed up and I drove down to Mississauga to pick up L & J.

We headed into Toronto to visit the Boat show that was on at the same exhibition centre that the one of a kind show was previously.
snow attempting to digest the entire house
Only this time the organisers had occupied almost every available space for the show, it overflowed from one gigantic hall to the next with boats of all shapes and sizes. There was an indoor lake, power boats and sail boats that were bigger and meaner looking than any I had seen before and stalls selling every conceivable nautical widget and thingamy you could desire. Promo girls dripped languidly from their stands, touting the latest and greatest in luxury gin palaces. I made sure to keep up my appearance as a visiting English gazillionaire by the name of Chadwick Montgomery, unfortunately I had left my wallet at home so the 90ft mega trimaran I had my heart set on (you know the one with the platinum cleats and the carved manatee tusk hatch covers) went un-purchased this year (manatees don’t have tusks, so I don’t know what the hatch covers are REALLY made of).
D shows the struggle of fatherhood
I strolled around leisurely, picking up the free offerings from the stands handing stuff out.

I came across L & J at one of the numerous ‘sit your boat licence exam here’ stands. I had previously been beckoned in to sit the exam at one of the other stands, the girl doing the beckoning was distinctly siren like so I chatted her up and then steered my ship to safer waters when I knew she was only after my brain/wallet (delete as appropriate, although I’d rather you didn’t delete my brain as I have an exam in two weeks). L was intending to sit the paper, and convinced me to try as well. All the stands were running an ‘only pay if you pass’ offer, so I thought what the hey and sat the exam. Well shiver me timbers and call me Judith, I passed! With a miraculous score of only getting 2 questions wrong! Of course I now had to cough up the $50 to get the licence, but at least this way I’ll be legal.
Credit river with seasonal accessories
Now ferrying errant Americans back across lake Ontario at the dead of night in my leaky dug-out canoe will be entirely above board (although most of the boat isn’t above board when I set off, those Americans do bring a lot of luggage).

It has been rather snowy of late here in Oakville. There are still huge piles of snow upon which I add more snow from the driveway. We went tobogganing at the weekend, to my little niece’s shock/indifference/delight. We had trouble discerning her emotional state through 10 layers of clothing, by a system of nose twitching we managed some primitive communication as her nose was about her only facial feature still exposed, but primitive communication is all you can hope for when your audience is only 2 and a quarter.

My feet were cold and wet as I was still lacking that one vital Canadian accoutrement: snow boots.
Butter scotch pin wheels! yum!
I had hunted high and low since the beginning of winter for that elusive reasonably priced yet durable and not totally vile looking pair of snow boots. But to no avail I was still using my walking boots that I haven’t managed to nik-wax yet. With a good few months yet of trudging around foot deep in snow I ventured forth to Mark’s work warehouse, an establishment renowned for its reasonably priced, durable and yet not totally vile looking stuff. (Actually they are rather good in an outdoorsy adventure shop kind of way) I don’t know what it is about shops but they never stock stuff for the season you are in, taking my current predicament as a fine example, if I wanted a pair of sandals I would buy them when I need them, not 6 months previously while its still minus Ernest Shackleton outside (that’s at roughly Sir Edmund Hilary if you operate in Fahrenheit).
Retro styled launch
I browsed past the Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian surf dude shirts (pausing briefly to read the front of a shockingly rude one) and on to the back of the store, down into the basement (past a sign saying beware of the leopard) to the end of line stock area. Here I managed to find a quite serviceable pair of boots, and left promptly with a sudden case of credit card ache and boots in tow.

Amongst my current pursuits of making cookies, being subjected to the Winnie-the-pooh DVD for the nth time by my niece and studying I am in addition attempting to obtain gainful employment (although my sister thinks I should remain content being her live-in cook). Recently I answered an advert looking for a software developer at local firm, and was pleasantly surprised when they offered me an interview.
This craft was really cool, with at least 10 different woods. the builder was particularly crusty to boot.
After a bit of background reading and another trip to Mark’s work warehouse to get some shoes I was all ready. The interview went well with me yakking on until we ran out of time. Hopefully they will invite me back, not just for a second interview but to let me finish the story I was telling.

Coming up: the next exam, my thoughts on joining the local gym and why the cat has taken a sudden fondness for my duvet.

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play with me! play with me!
play with me! play with me!
snow attempting to digest the enti…
snow attempting to digest the ent…
D shows the struggle of fatherhood
D shows the struggle of fatherhood
Credit river with seasonal accesso…
Credit river with seasonal access…
Butter scotch pin wheels! yum!
Butter scotch pin wheels! yum!
Retro styled launch
Retro styled launch
This craft was really cool, with a…
This craft was really cool, with …
now you can buy giant marsh mallow…
now you can buy giant marsh mallo…
kit launch, costs about $8000. I w…
kit launch, costs about $8000. I …
a catalina 309, they have these at…
a catalina 309, they have these a…
another very cool launch
another very cool launch
the indoor lake, I didnt fancy a …
the indoor lake, I didn't fancy a…
D's unconventional tobogganing
photo by: nathanphil