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Maxhackedup the makeup of makeup artists
The dude who came up with the Regift-O 3000 invited us to his horror themed St Valentines day party. (Beheadings start at 7, please list number of potential casualties)

I had just passed the Microsoft exam that I have been studying for that afternoon, so I was in a great party mood. I foolishly persuaded my Sis K and my bro-in-law D to dress up with me as Zombies. We rushed out and got some face paint, I did my best but I’m just not practiced at putting on makeup, so K helped. D managed to put his own on unassisted (he must have had some previous experience) and we all put on similar jackets and shirts.

B and his wife S were hosting the party at their house, which they have designed in a Gothic horror stroke late nineteenth century brothel style, which is very popular these days.
K and the remains of Mr Brook
In fact their attention to detail is so dedicated, I have to share with you how totally brilliant their house is.

Firstly there is the Hearse parked out front, which gives all visitors an immediate clue that this place is not your run-of-the-mill suburbanite home. Inside the theme continues, with spooky artistic details added everywhere. Distinctly aware of my own fragile mortality I grabbed a beer and S took me on a tour. There were Smoked glass chandeliers and flame etched mirrors, the kitchen had a human figure shaped knife block in blood red and the piece de resistance had to be the bathroom, designed as a slasher movie murder scene with a body outline on the floor and blood splattered walls (it looked like A RH positive but I couldn’t be sure).
the bathroom: Like a scene from psycho

But these extra touches weren’t just for the party, B & S must have spent months perfecting all the details. They’ve got more style in their little fingers than any big name designer has in their entire body (Frank Lloyd Wright eat your heart out, Dr Hannibal Lecter leave Frank alone).

Next came my favourite part, the food. There was a tower of profiteroles and strawberries all glued together with chocolate, interesting cheeses, pizza and curry and puncture wound muffins, with cherry pie filling inside (yum).

After much eating, drinking and zombie chasing it was time for a lot of people to go (I managed to stretch my welcome until about 3:00am and then felt a little under the weather the next day). There were the usual goodbye’s at the door until to my friend K’s abject horror she could only find one boot.
a tape outline marks the position of the bathroom's last victim.
Everybody dropped what they were doing and started the search, we must have checked every spooky room, every nook and cranny and K was about to relent and borrow a boot to make an odd pair when she discovered the elusive boot inside her jacket. We stood in puzzlement trying to work out how it got in there. Clearly someone was to blame. The mystery deepened just far enough for her to jump to the conclusion that it was me! Me of all people! I was most affronted at the notion and denied my involvement vehemently.

But on this topic I could not possibly comment further, suffice to say I’ll have to find a better hiding place next time.

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Maxhackedup the makeup of makeup a…
Maxhackedup the makeup of makeup …
K and the remains of Mr Brook
K and the remains of Mr Brook
the bathroom: Like a scene from ps…
the bathroom: Like a scene from p…
a tape outline marks the position …
a tape outline marks the position…
Brains! Brains!
Brains! Brains!
The zombie Brook
The zombie Brook
The amazing tower of profiteroles
The amazing tower of profiteroles
J had trouble seeing without the a…
J had trouble seeing without the …
photo by: AndyBrook