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Maybe I could get some decals for my ford focus?
The local careers centre was having an RCMP recruitment presentation, so I went along to see what it was all about. I joined a bunch of blokes sparsely sat around the outer edge of the presentation room. We waited in tense silence, sizing each other up as prospective officers of the law.

The period of silence was abruptly broken by Officer K, as he strode Robocop-style into the room accompanied by the distinctive clank of metal on metal as his handcuffs followed behind. (This is really only a distinctive sound if you are familiar with the clank of metal handcuffs, which I hasten to add I am not. No really.)

He set about explaining what the RCMP do, and showing us sections of the promotional video. The lights were switched off and we saw teams of white water rafters cascading down some rapids, a troop of Mounties in full regalia performing a drill on horseback and the token clip of a high speed chase viewed from a helicopter ending in the capture of the evading criminal.
Mounties outside the Manitoba Legislature

Just as abruptly as his entrance he switched the lights back on, the room was instantly flooded in blindingly bright fluorescent light, which left us straining to see anything. We watched other clips with the lights going back on after each. I started to feel woozy. I didn’t know the presentation was going to demonstrate integration techniques as well!

There are 7 gruelling stages to the recruitment process; the first two are an exam (multiple choice, three hours long testing memory recall, comprehension, grammar, logic and memory recall) (some gags never wear out). The second is a fitness test, involving running an obstacle course 6 times in less than 4 minutes total. I signed up for the exam just to see, as it’s free to sit but if you fail you can’t re-apply for another year.
This is a recruitment session, you have 20 seconds to apply

Officer K then regaled us with a story from his time on diplomatic service and he described an occasion when he needed to take an international flight. He wanted to take his firearm on board the plane with him and so filed the necessary paper work and gained permission. Upon presenting his paperwork to the airport security check he was allowed through the barrier unhindered until the security guard then stopped him, saying there was a problem with his cabin baggage. He wracked his brain thinking what it could be. The guard produced a metal cork screw from the baggage, saying:

“I’m sorry sir, I can’t let you on board with this”

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Maybe I could get some decals for …
Maybe I could get some decals for…
Mounties outside the Manitoba Legi…
Mounties outside the Manitoba Leg…
This is a recruitment session, you…
This is a recruitment session, yo…
photo by: nathanphil