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A Lift lock

I finally got back into the car, and could then set about getting gas for my stove, or a new stove to fit the gas I had already bought.

For safety I tied the car keys to my waist. I wouldn’t be making THAT mistake again.

 I headed off to the 24-hour Walmart. Just outside the campsite I decided to pull over and get the map out of the boot, just in case. I’ll keep the engine running. With the keys still tied to my waist I attempted to depart the vehicle. This is not standard procedure and I do not recommend it. I bent the key. I couldn’t get it back into the ignition slot. Dang.

For safety I untied the car keys from my waist. I wouldn’t be making THAT mistake again.

The night was populated with the sounds of the lakeside. As I tried to drift off to sleep, I was constantly reminded of the fact I had left my pillow at home. Then it happened. An ‘IT’ scuttled up to the side of my tent. Noisily sniffed about, Peed and then left. I caught a silhouette of it in the light cast from the dock side lights. I didn’t know Canada has armadillos, but it certainly looked like one.

The following day I went to see Peterborough lift locks. They are huge. They didn’t let me ride on them without a boat, so I told the nice man I would go and get one. Does anyone reading this have a boat I can borrow?

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A Lift lock
A Lift lock
photo by: AndyBrook