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After a gruelling crawl through customs I emerged into the light of the arrivals lounge, to be greeted by the shrill screams of my baby niece (I) and her staff (my sister (K) and brother-in-law (D)).

We crammed my various accoutrements into the car, and slung the partly re-assembled bike onto the carrier on the back and we were off! My head still spinning from the genial but nerve-wracking ‘interview’ with the customs officers.

K & D had set up the entire basement as a bachelor pad, which would be my base for the next few weeks while I got myself sorted.

The next things to get done were:

SIN number – This is like a national insurance number, a nice lady at ‘Human resources Canada’ hooked me up with a new number after I presented my credentials. She said the process would have been made quicker if I brought chocolate. Dang.

Back account – I could only do this after I got the SIN number sorted. Yikes, they charge you over here for everything, banks doubly so. I can’t stress enough the injustice of having to pay to access your own money! (-4)

Drivers licence – I surrendered my UK licence and $80 and walked out with a brand new Ontario licence. Great if my name was Jose Chihuahua Fernandez. I wandered back in and got a temporary paper licence, the real one would come in the post a few weeks later.

Car insurance – D got me set up on his insurance so I could drive around and look for cars! Cheers D!

Phone – A certain national chain mobile communications company put a Canadian SIM in my UK handset and made my wallet $140 lighter. But I was then set with a PAYG sim with $100 credit. Sorted.

A Car – Ye gadz was this a trial and a half (-7). I couldn’t decide what kind of car to get. I wanted a cool looking cheap car and wasn’t going to break down on me, and big enough to house me for the night if needs be. My great friend L came to the rescue and accompanied me on many humorous expeditions.

More on cars to follow...

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photo by: nathanphil