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J.T Cheeseman Provincial park. we found no cheese.

After we left Port Aux Basques we headed north along route 1 to Barachois Pond Provincial park and camped by a really cool lake. The lake was overlooked by a ridge of mountains with imposing rocky outcrops and cool wooded valleys. You could hear a waterfall thundering away from across the lake.

We made a simple meal of tomato spagetti with veggie burgers (R is vegetarian so I have decided to give it a go for a week). I'm desperately craving meat already so I'm not sure how long my veggie stint will last. I hope I won't have to resort to canibalism, as R doesn't have much meat on her. In the evening we headed out to the local village to see the sights, but we were dissappointed to find only a convenience store and a skidoo shop and nout else but evenly spaced dreary looking houses.

Beautiful weather at Port Aux Basques
I don't mind dreary houses, but evenly spaced ones really take the biscuit.

Every evening R tells me her intrepation of a classic fairy tale. Yesterday's was an adaptation of Sleeping beauty, with lots of copyright infringements. Her three pigs construction company was a superb invention, and I hope it will return in later stories.

Newfoundland is very pretty, but at this time of year seams to be overrun with black flies. A swarm decended on us this morning, forcing us to make a hasty retreat to the highway. at 80km/h the bugs don't stick around, despite their best efforts. The bugs are so bad that we will probably change our plans and take the ferry out of St. Johns instead of driving 800 klicks back to Port Aux Basques on the western tip of the island.

Off to Gros Morne National Park today, Via crappy tire to purchase some fly screen hats. We're aiming to try sea kayaking and do some hiking.

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J.T Cheeseman Provincial park. we …
J.T Cheeseman Provincial park. we…
Beautiful weather at Port Aux Basq…
Beautiful weather at Port Aux Bas…
Route 1 near the twin mountains
Route 1 near the twin mountains
Just for Edna.
Just for Edna.
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photo by: AndyBrook