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Kamloops, had to borrow this from t'internet as I have no pics myself.

Monday was a bit of a utility day, getting chores done and readying for my drive back East to oakville which I was planning to start the following day. I managed also to get a hair cut and made a quiche (mmm bacon, any excuse for Bacon!).

The morning came around all too quickly and I started loading up the car with all my odds and sods that gradually crept into S's apartment. It was about then that I noticed that the cooler was broken. I'm really quite reliant on the cooler when I'm on the road, even if its just to keep my marg from turning into a buttery soup. I examined the box and found out that an additional switch on the back had unfortunately popped right through its own enclosure and was rattling about inside the casing. I drove over to an electronics shop and using my british charms managed to convince them to let me fix the cooler on one of their backroom benches.

Jasper, again had to borrow this one too
I wired up a new switch and hit the road, but the cooler still didn't want to play. Time was wasting so rather than faff anymore I gathered my remaining items together and started to head for Jasper. My way out of town took past various signs for gas, motels and food, FOOD! Dagnamit I'd left the food in S's fridge! I was over an hour out to town at that point, but Iwasn't about to go and spend more money buying a whole set of groceries, so turned around and headed back in, cursing myself repeatedly. Roughly three hours later I was back at the same point on the road, now with food safely stowed.

I only made it as far as Kamloops that evenign, but through a superb magical jammyness which I didn't manage to repeat, I managed to get an $80 per night motel for $50.
Edmonton at night, not my picture either
woo hoo!

I had another stroke of luck: I took the cooler's power cable into Candadian tire to get it tested - a simple fuse replacement later and my mini-babybels were saved!

Back on the road the following morning I drove up through the mountains and stopped in at Jasper to check the job boards. Not much going on, unless I wanted to be a hotel housekeeper. Another ad caught my eye: hotel buildings maintenance. I could do that! I walked over to the corresponding hotel and asked at reception, unfortunately the position has already been filled a few days previously. Humph. I took this as a sign that I really should get back to Oakville and replenish my finances in a more worth while manner. On to Edmonton, and utterly failing to find a provincial park campsite or cheap motel I resigned myself to yet again sleeping in the car. I found a flying J and proceeded to re-arrange the contents of my car to make room.

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Kamloops, had to borrow this from …
Kamloops, had to borrow this from…
Jasper, again had to borrow this o…
Jasper, again had to borrow this …
Edmonton at night, not my picture …
Edmonton at night, not my picture…
photo by: Wildswan22