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The birthplace of L.M.Montgomery

I had a lazy sleep in and then got moving to New London, to the birth place of L.M.Montgomery (The writer of 'Anne of Green Gables', amongst other famous early 20th Century Novels set in PEI). A small Village at a cross roads showed a handful of perfect cottages. I felt like I had wandered unknowingly into an advert for Silvanian Families. Expecting to be greeted by Mrs Periwinkel the Rabbit I entered the museum. Surprised to find another human in this otherwise uninhabited village, I bought a ticket from the receptionist. She gave me a brief spiel and let me wander through the cottage unhindered. It was a fascinating little museum, and an intriguing insight into late Victorian Island life. I saw the actual room where Lucy Maud was born and a stove which she refers to in her books.

Sylvanian families: this is the home of the Waddlington family
A bird's wing adorned a bracket in the kitchen, and I asked the receptionist what it was for. It was a Canadian goose wing, which would be used as a brush to wipe the ashes off the stove. Poor goose!

I then went on to Green Gables, a farm house that features heavily in her books. From here I had promised to give my friend R a call. After leaving messages, she called me back and I discovered its last day of term in the UK!

I hate leaving messages on voicemail. I either ramble on, or say completely inaccurate information and have to ring back, leaving another incomprehensible message to compensate for the first. “Hello my name is Burt Raccoon, no wait…” “Hi me again, sorry about the first message, my name is actually Andy, how I forgot I’ll never know.

spooky trail through the woods at Green Gables

Prince Edward Island is very pretty. It has gently rolling green hills and wide flat plains. In places it only seams to be a few feet above sea level. It is very rural with potatoe farms in abundance, taking advantage of the rich red soil. It is also very touristy, with various selling points like the confederation bridge (see the other blog entry) and the whole Anne of Green Gables thing, not to mention lots of lovely beaches and provincial parks. One firm has managed to combine the rich red soil and the touristy paraphernalia by creating dirt shirts, shirts that have been dyed redish brown using PEI soil. Naturally I had to go and pick one up.  

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The birthplace of L.M.Montgomery
The birthplace of L.M.Montgomery
Sylvanian families: this is the ho…
Sylvanian families: this is the h…
spooky trail through the woods at …
spooky trail through the woods at…
Green Gables Farmhouse
Green Gables Farmhouse