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The Haystacks at cannon beach

I'd mentioned to my friend K that I'd quite like to do a short trip down to Astoria, to satisfy my somewhat geeky yearnings for a pilgrimage to the filming locations of that 80's cult classic: The Goonies. Surprisingly K wanted to come along, despite never having seen the entire movie.

K had Wednesday and Thursday off work, so on Tuesday evening we ventured forth on our own Goonie adventure...

The U.S border was our first hurdle, the first guard didn't like us much but the second warmed up after hearing what the purpose of our journey was, and subsequently let us through. We'd left quite late so rather than try and push the entire 5 hour drive to Astoria in one go we drove for a few hours and then hunted around for a motel.

Oregon Film museum, previously the county jail used in the opening scenes of 'The Goonies'

At the motel we managed to watch all of Goonies, albeit in two parts. K fell asleep at the exact same point in the movie he had last time he attempted to watch it. Ho well, we finished the rest in the morning and then made tracks to a suitable breakfast establishment.

'Grinders' read the banner at the side of the road. I was pretty convinced this meant coffee, and through a logical breakfastine deduction: food. We stopped the car and headed in. There was coffee, but the full fry-up I was hoping for didn't materialise. Instead the cafe was more of an Latino style sub-way restaurant with added live jazz* for good measure.

We ate our fill and jumped back in the car. After a few minor stops for gas, road trip munchies and the consequential pee breaks we found ourselves in Astoria!

From the small amount of research I'd done prior to leaving I knew that the filming locations were well known and that all necessary maps and directions could be obtained from the tourist information.
O.R.V...bullet holes. BULLET HOLES!!

Unfortunately we struggled in finding said tourist info office, and resorted to McDonald's McWifi** to help us locate it. Mere minutes later we had found the office, gathered an appropriate level of Goonie related resources and we headed off for a few of the downtown locations: the jail, Flavel house (where Mikey's dad worked) and Mikey's house (aka Goonie HQ). We decided we'd head back to the jail (now Oregon film museum) the following day as it was about to close.

On to Cannon beach, a few kilometres south of Astoria and the site of the famous haystacks that are so iconic in the film. We got some great pictures and headed to a local R.V park to camp for the night. The following morning, following perhaps a couple too many beers we staggered into a local breakfast grill and finally I got to sink my teeth into the bacon and eggs I've been craving for so long.
timelapse film of us driving from Astoria, Oregon to Seattle, Washington.

Back to Astoria and the county jail, its small but has three complete jail cells. One is filled with Goonies memorabilia (there's even action figures! Who knew?). Another has a replica of Data's coat and shoe gadgets. The middle cell is left as it was for the opening scenes of the film where Jake fakes his own death. After a few slightly macabre photos later we started to make our way back north towards Vancouver. This time we thought we'd rig up the webcam to do another timelapse, but instead of pointing outwards we turned the camera on ourselves and produced a 5 minute film of high speed road trip hi jinx. Hope you like it!

*only in the evenings, but the lineup looked impressive if you're into hearing saxophone soloists.
**I love taking the Mc.

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The Haystacks at cannon beach
The Haystacks at cannon beach
Oregon Film museum, previously the…
Oregon Film museum, previously th…
O.R.V...bullet holes. BULLET HOLES…
O.R.V...bullet holes. BULLET HOLE…
timelapse film of us driving from…
Mikeys house
Mikey's house
Flavel house, Astoria
Flavel house, Astoria
a likely lad.
a likely lad.
Datas gadget coat
Data's gadget coat
sign reads: you schmuck! do you re…
sign reads: you schmuck! do you r…
photo by: hanleyscot