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Awkward turtle. maybe its a Massachusetts thing.
Sometimes people drive me nuts.

And sometimes I realise it’s me who is driving someone else nuts. After a few days of awkward turtle (place one hand flat on the back of the other and rotate the thumbs in a paddling fashion, use this in awkward social situations to break the tension, see attached diagram) deliberating endlessly why I was still hanging around when it wasn’t doing me any good I began to get a little tetchy.

I wouldn’t normally even consider abandoning my friends and high-tailing it off across the country at a moments notice (a 9 hour drive back is not to be sniffed at, more of a very long exhale followed by a few gasping coughs). But on this occasion frustration, annoyance and boredom peaked simultaneously as I was listening to Polka in the Black Sheep. To avoid having an aneurysm I packed my things and headed back to Toronto. Sorry E & R, maybe I’m just too old for your teenage antics or maybe I just don’t like polka that much.

So for the remainder of Sunday I drove back to Toronto. Listening mainly to non-polka radio stations and still introspectively studying the rationale behind my hasty departure.

Luckily I was greeted back at base by my enthusiastic little niece and warmly welcomed in by K & D.

On Monday I cycled around Oakville: I checked out the leather jackets at the ‘mall’, met the managers of the local drinking establishments in the hopes of gainful employment and watched ‘Kung Fu Panda’. The latter of which totally rocks in its awesomeness and bodacity.

On Tuesday I advanced my abilities one step further in the science of absolute bone idleness by doing nothing all day. It was lovely. But then I destroyed all the progress I had achieved by making tacos and playing with my little niece and to top it all I finally finished reading Harry Potter. The last one. The final one. Finally. Its not the size of the book that slowed me down, it’s the lack of reading time applied to it. But anyway I loved it, the entire series I think is fantastic, well done JK Rowling! But what to read next? Luckily K has provided me with the Time Traveller’s wife. It’s oddly written but quite intriguing.

On Wednesday I booked a smart serve course (this allows me to legally serve alcohol in Canada), dropped C.Vs into said local drinking establishments, Made lots of fires in the basement stove and then cooked lasagne (not on the basement stove, it doesn’t have an oven). I then fixed my sister’s laptop and attempted to get iTunes working on it.

Tonight after a day of job applications and C.V improvements I made a quiche and some strange fruit tarts (one of which had no fruit in it at all. Remarkable.) So I guess I have properly started job-hunting now.
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Awkward turtle. maybe its a Massac…
Awkward turtle. maybe its a Massa…
photo by: nathanphil