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Wait, don't people drive on the right in the States?

On Sunday I jumped in the car and drove for 7 hours down to Massachusetts. D had warned me about potential snow and I only got a couple of flurries on route.

I met E & R at R’s house for pizza and gave them their presents (David Beckham, and because I couldn’t get Jim Sturgess E had to put up with the Beatles). I had also brought some English sweets, which were examined critically. E is on some kind of hippy heath cleanse so won’t be able to enjoy the sweets until some time in 2009.

To compensate E’s Dad for giving me lodging I will be a general hand for the next week. Yesterday I started chopping firewood and this afternoon I will be raking the lawn. E’s house is great, they’ve got a small wood stove in the living room that manages to heat the whole house very well. Rollie (the German short haired pointer) has recently had an altercation with a tree. Having had stitches he now sports a plastic cone to stop him picking over the wound. He absolutely hates it, and takes every opportunity to give me the pathetic puppy act, complete with bottom lip trembles. Little does he know that I learnt this same technique from my Spaniel at any early age, making me impervious to it.

Yesterday evening they made me watch Disney’s ‘the Little mermaid’, which invoked a debate over the similarity between Disney cartoon heroes. The girls say that all the Disney lead blokes are the same. I agree, but when I say that all the Disney Heroines are the same too, they tut and deny the possibility.  Are they the same? Despite minor differences in appearance and character I say they are, but you can form your own opinion.

Today we had breakfast at the Lone Wolf (to E’s horror I ordered ‘Where’s the carbs?’ with a side order of carbs again. Its soo good.). After breakfast we drove over to Northampton and now we are at the Daily Hampshire Gazette (where E works). I have never been in the offices of a proper newspaper; it all appears very calm and sedate, entirely unlike Superman’s The Daily planet, which was how I had foolishly pictured all Newspaper offices operate. I keep expecting someone to shout:

“Jimmy, head over to Lex Luthor’s place and gimme all you can find.”

To which would come the enthusiastic reply:

“Sure thing chief.”

I remain somewhat disappointed.

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Wait, dont people drive on the ri…
Wait, don't people drive on the r…
photo by: Laurabob