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try not to break too many crispies when folding into the mixture.

Ok, I know I haven't blogged for a while, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. In order to do this I must request that you, the loyal reader, prepare the correct snack for a long (but hopefully not tedious) decent into my various adventures over the last few months.

There is but one snack that may sustain you for this arduous task, but what with the economy taking a downturn elvenbread is a little hard to come by. So instead I give you chocolate crispy cake:

four mars bars

four ounces of butter

four ounces of rice crispies

Use a large ceramic or glass dish (mum – is that a gratin dish? Where is Delia when you need her?)

Go out and buy four mars bars (unless you already have four, in which case you are either remarkably well prepared, or you are my sister)

Got them? Excellent.

level out and then wait.
Now go back to the store for the butter and rice crispies. You'll need the extra exercise because these are calorific beyond the realms of our undefeated hero of cakiness: Mr Kipling (he does bake exceedingly good cakes)

Chop the mars bars into small pieces (some will tell you to take the wrappers off first, amateurs the lot of 'em) and chop up the butter too, as it will melt quicker.

Plonk the butter into a large saucepan and get it melting (try and create a layer of melted butter before adding the chocolate – that way you get more chocolate in the mix and less stuck to the pan)

Andy's tip of the day: smear some extra butter around the dish to aid the setting and eventual consuming process.

Add the chocolate and stir frequently to break it all up and make a delicious looking mars bar soup. Now gradually fold in the rice crispies until every crispy is nicely coated. Be careful not to add too many crispies as bad things can happen. My sister did this once and we all know what happened to her.

quite important: lick the spoon after use to ensure no chocolate is wasted.

When the mixture looks nice and brown (you may have crispies left over – don't worry these can always go into batch no.2) pour into the dish and push them down to make a level surface (alternatively sculpt the crispycake into a piece of edible modern art. I made a tree once, it didn't last long)

Here is the tricky part. You have to leave the cake to cool and set before the can fully enjoy.

Done this? Excellent. On with the show....

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try not to break too many crispies…
try not to break too many crispie…
level out and then wait.
level out and then wait.
quite important: lick the spoon af…
quite important: lick the spoon a…
butter: 4 ounces
butter: 4 ounces
prepare your mars bar cutting area…
prepare your mars bar cutting are…
the mars bar soup, a bit more stir…
the mars bar soup, a bit more sti…
4 ounces of rice crispies
4 ounces of rice crispies
photo by: nathanphil