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L admires the view from Mount Nemo
I awoke to a swollen calf, the slightest touch sending convulsions of pain up my leg. I hobbled out of the bedroom and into the bathroom before anybody could make any wise cracks. Remarkably E (yet another E, I won’t bore you with the details suffice to say she’s great friend with a remarkable history of bad luck with cars) was still hung over from the birthday party, so no Skittle related quips and not even a mention of ‘Eddie the Eagle Edwards’. I made a cold compress and by lunchtime the pain had subsided.

That morning was all the time I had left to get my stuff together prior to flying back to Canada the following day. I squeezed everything I could into the suitcase and left most of everything else for my Parents to pick up. They came down for a pub lunch and collected all my other belongings that I couldn’t fly with (my bike, one bar of leftover fudge, some fish and an upturned spaniel) (no I won’t explain, you’ll have to read the previous blog entry to understand that reference)

It was a 4 am start the next day, as I needed to get all my pre-flight faffing done and catch the train to the airport for a 9:00am flight.
Andy's patent Pizza dough raising device

I wandered through departures with a trolley that refused to roll straight forwards. Having found the direction it was comfortable with (sideways) I descended into the bowels of the airport to where my El Cheapo operator check-in desk was. My bag was weighed in and I was accused of being 4.7kg overweight, furthermore I was told I would have to pay an excess fee.

I approached a scared middle-aged man sat behind the customer services desk and told him (in an indignantly offended voice) that they had said I was overweight. He replied in a very bureaucratically restrained manner: “I couldn’t possibly comment on such a personal matter. However you can pay your excess baggage fee here” and proceeded to take £11 per kg before stamping my boarding pass.

£55 lighter, but still too heavy in other respects, I headed for duty free.
The Eton centre, its huge.
I removed most of my effects at the security check and sidled through the metal detector with bare essentials, my trousers clinging to my waist for dear life. I then re-assembled and took off before they could ask me to take anything else off.

I purchased some Mr Men books in duty free and then spent the next 8 hours sitting next to Colin Firth. Ok it wasn’t actually Colin Firth but it could have been his doppelganger. I had to stop myself on more than one occasion from saying ‘yes Mr Darcy’ when he asked me a question, or making any references to the Importance of being Ernest.

The flight was extra long because we landed at Montreal and then flew on the Toronto. I arrived about an hour earlier than my sister was expecting, but as I emerged from the baggage hall into arrivals my good friend L was waving his arms madly and gesturing me to head over to him.
Chicken pie, complete with a house in honor of T & S's move at the weekend.
He directed me towards the set down area where my sister was sat gunning the engine to keep the security guards from moving her on. We dumped the bags and sped off, sending errant guards flying in our wake.

After a couple of days recovering from Leg related injuries and jet lag and I was back on form. Yesterday I rang L and we drove up to Mount Nemo (a section of the Bruce trail in the vicinity of the Niagara escarpment). We did a walk up the mount and followed the far edge giving commanding views of the countryside down into the valley below. Then we went to Tim Horton's! (first Tim Horton’s since the summer! Yay!)

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L admires the view from Mount Nemo
L admires the view from Mount Nemo
Andys patent Pizza dough raising …
Andy's patent Pizza dough raising…
The Eton centre, its huge.
The Eton centre, its huge.
Chicken pie, complete with a house…
Chicken pie, complete with a hous…
photo by: nathanphil