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    Sitting in the terrace,I began to reflect about my life again. The atmosphere in Cordoba has helped me to relax and to ponder with calmness what is my next step in life will be after graduation. Throughout my 9 days in Paris and Andalusia, I began to realise something about myself: I am able to be independent and yes I am a historico-cultural freak! In Cordoba, I relish nothing else other than walking along the Miraflores Bridge and making rounds of pilgrimages around the Mezquita, admiring its beautifully carved artwork and stuccoes. Kudos to them who have made a huge effort in restoring the Mezquita! It was so peaceful inside such that the moment one comes in, it is hard to deny the instant sense of calmness around the Mezquita. The unity of two great religions, coexisting with one another. I shall not argue over the fact that the cathedral architecture more or less disrupts the sense of tranquility that the mosque was projecting. Indeed, even Charles V was disappointed after seeing the renovation works of the Mezquita.

   Though I was practically broke, hunger was unable to overcome me. Photography was my food. It has helped me to revive my passion for history, a highly misunderstood subject in school. History is more than just knowing facts and regurgitating them. To have learnt history is to realise that there has been fascinating and marvellous civilisations than today┬┤s. Which is why Cordoba attracts me. To be able to realise that I am actually standing or sitting on what used to be archaelogical ruins (Medina Azahara/Mezquita) makes me a much humble man, knowing that indeed learning is a lifelong journey.

  My favorite activity in Cordoba is to just sit down around the Mezquita, observing life (tourists thronging, local men teasing any ladies that pass by and watching the gitanos/gypsies trying to sell the sage leaf to the unsuspecting tourist. Today is the beginning of the Feria De Mayo and I sincerely hope that my extension for one more night was well-worth it. But well,if not, it is actually okay as I really appreciate Cordoba city: its people, history, pace of life and city.
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photo by: Pearl510