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7:30 am in Serena Lago Manyara. I am sitting on a hammock in the pool overseeing Lake Manyara. As I am writing, tons birds are all around and every once in a while I have a visit of one of those African insects… sometimes I jump as I am thinking Anofoles (malaria’s mosquito) wants to welcome me. There is no doubt, if you are feeling any kind of stress at work, just follow this travel itinerary! I dont think I have ever been so relaxed… Hacuna Matata (no problem, take it easy in Swahili). Everything here is slow plus i didn´t bring my mobile phone and just in one ocasion I connected to the Internet.


Today we are heading to Zanzibar. An employee from the hotel just came to clean the pool! Jambo! She said to me! It is quite amazing how we have been treated by the people in Tanzania.

Everyone is so kind and friendly, something other countries should learn from. Although my experience in former British colonies it has always been very positive. They know how important is tourism for the country and they just treat tourists very well. Don´t know if you agree… but if you have some comments, just let me confirm my theory ;) So far I have been in Bermudas, Tanzania and Australia, all of them with a big British influence.


Well, I have to pick up my luggage and wait for the rest of my group at reception. Talk to you later.


We left around 8:45 and we had a couple of hours for doing some shopping. Very close to the hotel there was 4 or 5 stores selling all kind of souvenirs. The owner in the second store was just hillarious! He was in his long fifties and I believe he just opened the store.

Prices were the lowest we had seen and he was funny as hell negotiating the price. I bought a small nife made with a bone and also a wooden box made with caoba. The others bought tons of things too so the guy was quite happy! I am attaching a review from the place with some pictures.


Then from there we headed to Arusha. We  were having lunch in a hotel and we changed buses, as our guides had to go somewhere else. The bus was full of travelers from different groups. We had dinner in the hotel and then we left to Nairobi.


After 2 hours driving we stopped at the frontier to do all the paperwork. First we had to fill in a yellow form to leave Kenia and then we had to stop to fill in a white form and to show the passport in Tanzania´s control.

  Then we kept driving towards Kenia.  On the way we came across a group of Masai people and one of them called my attention as he was wearing a blanket with Barcelona team colors so I asked our guide to stop there and take some pictures with them. Once  they accepted to be photographed, I borrowed Paco´s Barça cap and a Masai put it on! I am attaching the pictures!


Not too far from Nairobi we got stuck on traffic. It was really the worst traffic I had ever seen. There were two lanes, but in a while these two lanes turned to be 4. Cars were passing by our left and right, and the middles lanes would not move. Then I asked about the name of the town and you would never imagine its name! It was called Ulilongo, which means in Swahili “lanes of traffic”.


One of the first things Kenia and Tanzania have to do is to invest in building a good communication infrastructure in the country (net of highways all around the country).

At the moment they are in very poor conditions.


As we were arriving late we went straight  to a restaurant called “Carnivor”. It is a very expensive restaurant in Nairobi so there was a big security control to enter the place. Food was excelent although I wanted to try cocrodile meat and they run out of it. You can get more info in my review!! See you tomorrow, i will be in Zanzibar!!!!


telamonster says:
I didn't notice people in the Carribean any nicer than where I'm from. Koh Tao, Thailand--EVERYONE was friendly!
Posted on: Sep 09, 2007
hdao74 says:
You didn't miss anything with the crocodile meat. It tastes just like chicken. =)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
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