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Last night I went to bed at 10pm and slept until today at 6:35am. Woaow! That is amazing considering I sleep an average of 5 and ½ hours a day! Now I am in a nice spot seeing the sun come out, lying down as I was a Maraja! And writing my travel blog… (we leave in 1 hour)

Hasan, our tour guide, came to pick us up very punctual but first we had to solve a problem with the manager of the hotel. Some money got stolen from one of our group. It seems to be that they had 400US$ on a plastic bag in the suitcase but they didn’t lock it! Remember to leave everything valuable in the hotel reception as they warn you to do so as soon as you get to the room. We talked to the manager but the only thing he could do is to call the police to interview some of his employees. Anyway, except this small incident everything was going great so far. 

At 10am we left for this new tour.

This time we were visiting a nice beach on the south and Hasan was taking us to his new restaurant called “Rock Restaurant”. We were not sure what he meant by that but for some reason we knew he was going to give us another good day!

We drove for almost two hours, quite a long drive but the scenary was worthwile. When we got there I could not believe it, that was unreal! On the middle of the beach there was a huge rock and on top of it there was a restaurant! As the tide was down, we could walk until the rock. To go up we had to use a wooden ladder. Once we were up the restaurant some local people there to give us their best welcome. There were some rooms at the left side and we kept straight until we arrived to the dinning room. There were only three tables there and some chairs. On the walls they had drawn some dolphins and in one corner there was a local woman working on some neckleses and rings. The funniest thing was when one of the organizers came up to me and showed me a small notebook with some writing from other clients who had been there.

One of them said something like “Just order lobster on the grill, excellent selection”…

We left all our bags in the restaurant and we went down to explore the beach a little bit. The restaurant was surrounded by white sand and at the distance  you could see the blue water and some of the typical boats. Very close from the restaurant we found hundreds of sea urchins. One of us steped one of them ….

It hurts! - Carmen said

Well, after two hours of exploration lunch was ready so we went back to the restaurant and we found the table with a bit platter of seafood (lobster, enormous prawns, calamari and fish).

Of course we also had some cold kilimanjaros (beer). As we were eating the tide started to go up until we found ourselves in a real island! We were surrounded by crystal blue water! All around! It was like in the movies! I didn´t know things like that existed in the planet. As we are quite curious we asked Hasan if anybody could buy the restaurant, but he replied that this rock belonged to his father´s village, and that nobody could run it except people from the village.


Hasan is a local 24 year old entrepreneur who is trying to do some business and wants to open his own travel agency. Although he told me it will take him some time as he needs 2000US$ starting capital. It is so interesting to see how zanzibar´s local economy is starting to flourish. All these entrepreneus will help the island grow and hopefully in the future they will make a better living.

Let me tell more things about Hasan. He got his tour agent certification and to get new customers he has to walk along the beaches chasing new prospects. It is quite tough for him as there are many competitors.  The worst thing is that guides like Lonely planet talk quite bad about this tour guides on the beach.  Hasan understands well the tourists coming to the Island so he has put together very good trip packages, trips that you would never find in a hotel or in a travel guide (such us the “Rock Restaurant”). For some reason I am willing to give him a hand, so once I get back to Madrid i will design a brochure with all his tours, print them out and I will send them to him. That way his work at selling on the beach will be much easier. When I was telling some selling techniques he was listening so carefully… this guy is smart!

Hassan Ali Daruwesh

P/ Mchangan


O.Box 2666

Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Phone# +255777876718

Let´s go back to the day at the restaurant. Once we finished having lunch we had to go back to our van, but we were in an island with water all around! We asked Hasan how we were getting to the van and then he told me the boat was on its way! Hahahh… one of those typical boats came to pick us up and droped us on the beach! Check the photos, they are amaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiingggggg!


Then, the second part of our tour started. He took us to another beach and from there another boat came to pick us up. They were taking us to some manglars an hour away from were we were.

Another spot you cannot miss, there were so many birds! Quite impressive. By the time we got back was almost 5pm, so we returned to the hotel. Another fantastic day with Hasan.


Today I got a call from Hassan! he has received the brochure I designed for him so he called me to thank me! hahah I just had to share it!

Wildswan22 says:
What an amazing experience! Thanks for discovering this and sharing!!:) I would love to go here within the next few years! It's now on my bucket list
Posted on: Oct 20, 2012
sylviandavid says:
enjoyed the blog.... fun & informative... Thanks so much! sylvia
Posted on: Sep 30, 2010
margmack says:
I have NEVER seen such an amazing place for a restaurant!!!!!!!! It surely must be heaven on earth! Also your photos are STUNNING. I am planning a trip to Tanzania and Kenya for 2009 and your blog is most I am EXCITED.
Posted on: Oct 09, 2008
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