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We woke up at 6:30 am and we had a nice breakfast in the cafeteria. At 7:30 am our guide came to pick us up. We had one of those minivans to drive all the way until Amboseli Park. It was only 250 km from there but they told us it would take 5 hours aproximately!. In five hours I do Madrid-Barcelona, which is more than 650km… I didn’t understand it until we started driving on the highway! Damn, that was not a highway that was a road with craters on the way! J


Nairobi at 7:30 am was quite busy, and we got stuck in traffic until we got to the exit of the city.

Then we started passing through diferente villages. Nairobi was very clean, but once we left the city, things were not so tidy. What was really amazing was the number of police controls we found on the way. We had time to talk to our guide so he told us things like the average salary for somebody working in the tourism industry was 300 dollars a month.


Alter driving for two hours we stopped to have a soda and there was a small market. It is funny the way these guys bargain! They don't tell you how much it is so you have to start giving a price. As I knew how it worked, I started going quite low, ridiculously low, just for the practice! Once we got back in the bus we left the highway and we started driving on a very bumpy dusty road! There was so much dust that inside the vehicle we couldn´t really open our eyes. We stopped in  a gass station and all black women surrounded the vehicle trying to sell us something.


It took us 5 hours to get to Amboseli. Did you know why it was named that way? Well, it is a swahili word which means  “park with small tornedos”, or something alike. It was curious, tons of small tornados were happening at the same time in the park. You could see them in the horizon! We drove across a dried up lake and there were plenty of animals all around. The view was just astonishing, something I would never be able to describe… the landscape, the color of the lightening, the smell, the silence, the wildness… that was Africa!


We continued until we got to the hotel. In the middle of nowhere tons of trees and green fields surrounded the hotel. It was one of those hotels you would fall in love with in a sec.

Everything made of wood and with all these green areas around it. We went to the front garden and then I could not believe what I was seeing...tons of elephants and zebras next to the hotel! The park was so extense I could not see the end of it!


We were quite hungry, so we went to the restaurant to have lunch! Everything was so tasty. I do not eat meat, but everything was so good. Damn! I will have to go to the gym twice a day until i get rid of my knew extra body! J alter lunch we went to a Masai Village. In order to enter the the village and take some photos we had to pay 90 euros for six people. Otherwise you were not even allowed to take a photo from the distance.

Once we paid, all members of the tribe showed up with their best tribal suits and starting dancing for us. I started taking pictures like a maniac. Once the dance finished they took us to the village. First demonstration was to make fire with a wooden stick! Damn, it looked so easy the way they did it!.


I was taking pictures of everything but then I realise that there was something wrong in all of them. One of the guys was wearing a digital watch! Hahah ohh well, I guess that a tourist gave it tohim. Once the show finished they took us to one of their sheds and gave us a talk about their customs. The shed was fully dark, so it was kind of interesting...


Before leaving the village they tooks us to what they named “our shops”.

There they had tons of things… masks, neckleses,,,, but then, a young guy came to me and told me …” I have lion nails and teeth, you want one?” I had no idea what he was talking about so I just left the guy talking…. Then the chief of this tribe came to us and asked…” do you want a lion teeth?” what is that… show me…  the first piece I knew it was fake so I just kept walking. Then he came to me again and showed me another piece. This time was really a lion tooth, but very small. So I told him I just didnt´t want something so small. Being already next to the jeep, he came again and showed me two news pieces! Impressive… two big teeth! I said i would pay 25 and then he wrote on the ground 75. Then I said.. no thanks...


After this short visit we started a photographic safari. The views were just amazing, we saw elephants, zebras and many other animals.... The sun was going down and the ligthening was just superb.. the undescriptable color of Africa!


Once we got to the hotel we had dinner and once in the bar, a masai show started and delighted us with some typical dances. Well, I just had two breezers…. It is 11pm… goodnight fellows!

anne819 says:
Fantastic photos! :)
Posted on: Feb 25, 2009
Mansimo says:
That was a great memorable safari ! Travel inland on your next visit .
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
tirsomaldonado says:
they are not killed lions. Massai do not kill animals but they know where they normally die, so they get them and sell them to visitors. Masai don´t eat wild animals! :)
Posted on: Sep 09, 2007
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