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Last night we got back from Stone Town around 1am but I still woke up at 6:30am. It is difficult for me to sleep when I am so excited.  I switch my camera lens (100-400) and I went to the beach. All Masais and other local people walked along the beach since dawn. I prepared my trypod and camera and I started taking pictures until it was time to have breakfast.


Today we had planned an excursion to the northern beaches. Our guide was very punctual (as always) and we first stoped at his town, wich was 5 minutes away from the hotel. It was a small village, plenty of little boys and girls running all over the place. Sometimes you may think they are much happier than other more developed countries.  They were next to the sea, with no hurries, enjoying nature and with no stress. Sometimes I wish I lived in that world J It is funny how all young kids wave at you as they are so happy to see new people…


Northern beaches are just astonishing although get ready for some bumps on the way.

There is no highway or anything alike to get there so we had some trouble with our van. I believe the exhaust pipe fell, but they managed to fix it in a matter of minutes. Today our guide hired a chef and we were having a seafood barbacue on the beach!


When I saw the beach were we were going to have lunch I almost fainted. I could not believe places like that could exist. I have no words to describe it! So we parked the car and then some kids came over to carry all our stuff . We walked about 20 minutes until we got to a small shed on the sand. My finger was getting nervous as I wanted to take photos of every single spot. By the way, so far I have taken 1500 photos ;)


After taking tons of pictures and do some snorkling, the chef called us for lunch. Damn! How many lobsters and prawns! I love seafood and I swear we ate until we could not have any more. Prawns were the size of a helicopter! ;) There was some local beer and cokes too.


As we finished lunch, we took a typical boat from Zanzibar and we sailed (no engine) to the very top north.

That was “THE MOMENT” of this trip. Amazing scenary, with a beer on my left hand and my camera on the right one. It took us around 1 and ½ hours to get to the final destination.


Our taxi took us to one of the best areas in the north side called Kendwa Beach. It was about time to find some young people around! In fact, if you are looking for cheap hotels in Zanzibar, this is the place to be. I wrote down the name of one of the hotels in the area. Its name was “Kendwa Rocks” although I did not have time to go in and check rates.


On the beach we found many bars and restaurants on the sand! Quite amazing indeed! They were serving lunch, dinner and drinks and all of them remained open until 12pm every day.


Our guide took us to one of the bars in the area and then I took my camera and walked along the beach until its end (took tons of pictures again).

On the way I found the best bar to see the sunset (Kendwa Rocks Bar). This bar/restaurante belonged to the hotel I wrote about before.


No words, just see the photos!


We arrived to the hotel almost at 8pm! And as we liked so much what we today we booked another excursion with the same guide!

sabinalee says:
How did you find your guide? His name?
Am heading to Z in Dec. and looking for a guide and a few tips. You have some great info here. Thanks!!!
Posted on: Nov 06, 2013
jenn79 says:
GREAT advice in your blog, especially beach locations and hotels/bars. It was surprisingly difficult for us to find a good hotel in Zanzibar! gorgeous pictures too!
Posted on: Aug 20, 2007
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