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When I plan a trip I adjust my kit bag accordingly, so for this trip I included the following equipment:
-Canon 30D
-Two lenses: Canon 17-85 IS and a Canon 100-400 IS L
-Compact Flash: 4 Gbytes and 1 Gbyte
-JBL speakers
-30GB iPod with a camera adapter to download pictures
-3 international adapters
-Cleaning Kit for my camera
-Battery chargers
-Manfrotto tripod
-Manfrotto monopod

I woke up at 3:30am and drove to Barajas (Madrid´s airport) at 4am. The flight was at 6 am so I thought that being there around 4:20 I would have enough to do everything… damn! I was wrong. Since all these new airport regulations people get to the airport 2 and ½ hours before the time, so I arrived quite late. There was a big line to do the check in but it was even worst the line to go through the security line. Next time I will leave three hours in advance!

From Madrid I flu to Amsterdam with KLM and from there to Nairobi. The flight from Madrid to Amsterdam was almost two hours, and from Amsterdam to Nairobi 7 and ½ hours. The service at KLM was good although the food served in the flight was awful!

Once we got out of the plane in Nairobi we went through customs. It was plenty of security people all around! Walking along the corridors I saw some muslims praying in small rooms all along the aiport. It seems to be that muslims are predominant in the country. Once we got to customs we showed out passports and paid 50$ as airport fees. If you are coming from the European Community you have to fill out an orange form and a white form. It is for a VISA. Once we passed customs we went to pick up our luggage. There was so many people waiting for it and it went so slow. For a moment I thought they lost my luggage. Didn´t take much clothing, as all my camera equipment was already very heavy.

Once out of the airport, there was our tour guide waiting for us. Temperature was suprisingly low (17 degrees)! So i had to put my jacket on. On the way to the hotel (The Saratova Stanley) he gave us some relevant information. In Kenia you have 3.000.000 people, like in Barcelona and the country overall 33 million. Very close from the airport you find one of the oldest reservartions in Kenya. It is surrounded by electrical fences so animals don´t start walking along the city :) To get to the hotel we had to take the Transafrican highway! Quite bumpy to tell you the truth! On the way we saw big birds sleeping on trees.  By the way, it seems to be that in most of the lodges, they dont have power from 12am to 5 am, so you have to recharge all your batteries before 12! I bought 3 international adapters so i can charge them all at once.

Once we got to the hotel we had dinner! And if you are expecting me to say we ate lion or any other kind of  animal you are wrong, we had spaghetti and lassagna :) the only thing they had left as we got there late and the kitchen was not working 100%. 
This was a 5 star hotel and I believe we had the most expensive spaghetti i have ever had in my life! Almost 30 dollars for plain pasta in Africa! :(

I am putting my alarm clock at 6am… tomorrow we are doing a safari in Ambosseli. I am quite exicted!!!
anjok says:
good to have you back :)
Posted on: Aug 15, 2007
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m49erfan says:
Awesome pic!
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
tigresa711 says:
That picture is gorgeous!!
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
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