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Hill tower SF has good views of the city
I should be resting now, after walking nearly 20Km today, but I’d rather do the blog, otherwise I wont remember in as much detail. After having a great sleep in-due to get lag, I used the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system from Pleasant station on the SFO line into Powell station nearby to Union Square. The ride was much like Sydney Trains, but it also had the added bonus of chasing the cars in the highway. The Journey took about half an hour, and the cost of a return ticket was 9.30 USD.

I arrived in the CBD, and leveled above ground to see the Apple Store in a prime location. I was sucked in (obviously like hundreds of others) and bought myself a pair of earphones, 99.95 USD. These are expensive, I know, but they are worth it (that is something you don’t know). I walked through Union Square, which was much like a mini Martin Place in Sydney.
walk from there down to a secluded walkway (it looks like private property) and continue through to the piers
After this I outlined the walking tour suggested in the Lonely Planet. I traced Montgomery street, then Columbus Ave. This was adjacent to the Piers and heading north west. I followed my intuition, and climbed the great steepness of Filbert St up to Telegraph Hill. From this vantage point you could see for Miles, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and Alcatraz. I wondered down a meandering walkway, which showcased some great gardening, smells, and views. I wasn’t quite sure if it was private property or public, but I didn’t really care.

This lead me down to the Piers at Embarcadero. Embarcadero was a very quaint area, kind of hollywood nostalgia. I followed the Piers counting up from Pier 17, until I embarked on Pier 39. The famous Pier 39 was a huge tourist attraction, with expensive restaurants, and souvenirs.
Pearls burger place 3 blocks from Union square on Jones st.
The rest of the area was so beautiful, it made up for the trashi-ness of the Tourist Mecca. I bought my new camera lens just a few blocks down, a Canon 75-300 mm, Yes David! Awesome! I kept walking in the direction of the GGB. Entering and exiting Fishermans wharf, & Fort Mason. Later realizing that I had followed the San Francisco Bay Trail.

The only problem now was getting back. I had walked so far, that going back the way I had come from was pointless, so I decided to be guided by my map which had cut off the area I needed due to printing. I once again climbed, sorry, I mean hiked up Divisadero St. This street had to be at a gradient of at least 30-40 degrees! Insane for my legs! I turned left and headed towards the CBD again at Broadway St (at the crest of the hill) and continued on that for about an hour.
Union square, close to Powell st station
Finally I had Powell St in my sight (on the map), and wondered through Nob Hill also known as Russian Hill. At my return to Union Square, I got friendly directions from a clothes salesman at QuickSilver, He pointed me in the direction of Pearl, a renowned Burger place. On the corner of Post St, and Jones St about 10min from Union Square. I had a great greasy American burger! with free soda re-fills.

By this time it was about 9.00pm, I called it a night, and returned to Walnut Creek, Cynthia’s home on the BART system.

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Hill tower SF has good views of th…
Hill tower SF has good views of t…
walk from there down to a secluded…
walk from there down to a seclude…
Pearls burger place 3 blocks from …
Pearls burger place 3 blocks from…
Union square, close to Powell st s…
Union square, close to Powell st …
Pier 39, very touristy
Pier 39, very touristy
View from Pier 39
View from Pier 39
Fort mason view
Fort mason view