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The day had such potential, I knew it was going to be a great day, and had been waiting for its imminent arrival. The day was the 26th of May, yesterday. I had one more exam to go before I finished for the year, and could concentrate more on finalizing my preparations for my travels. I knew that the beginning of the day ‘studying’ would be tormenting; it was. I also knew that the middle of the day ‘exam’ would be moderately difficult. But I surprised myself, finished my studying in the morning, and found the exam quite easy.

As I laid down the pen at the end of the exam, I knew it was the last major event before I left. It confirmed the end of the past year, and helped me move on from the crappy year which I had. I celebrated with a great coffee just a few blocks down from the exam hall. The coffee was great, it came with a scrumptious, crumbling, and saucy chocolate cake, which personally request that I devour it. I returned to my car to find that It had been broken into, smashed glass was followed by a stolen GPS, & my favorite bag with my iPod and new headphone were missing, I was is utter disarray. I filled out a police report, and then reviewed my insurance policy.

The insurance policy had an excess which didn't even cover the value of the items stolen! Great I said to myself, ‘Just what I need right now’.... Imagine traveling for 7 months without an iPod... Not possible.

I returned home with a broken window, and broken trust in society. That night at work, my ex-girlfriend, which I have been avoiding, (as every time I see her my emotions boil over) decided to have dinner at the restaurant I waiter at. I had to avoid her, and her table for what felt like ever. So, saying it was awkward, is an understatement.

Lets hope, its uphill from here on...
P.S. anyone want to donate an iPod?
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