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The TB forum where this event was planned by pvtjoy can be found by clicking here. (link opens up in a new window)

Jen and I were supposed to go to a Volleyball tournament Saturday morning to watch our friends play, but we changed our plans after the CBVA tournament was replaced by an AVP one. We decided to set out a little earlier to LA for our TravBuddy meetup...a good thing with my slight tardiness that day.

I picked up Jen around 2:45, a little later than I expected because of ugly traffic at her freeway exit. I actually had to call to get an alternate route. It's a good thing, though...that exit is often bad so I can now go the other way whenever I need to.

We stopped at the Carls Jr. drive-thru for some cheap body fuel for the drive up. The drive wasn't too bad, we made it all the way without hitting traffic.
There was a significant slowdown at one point in the opposite direction, but we had it good.

We got to the area around 4:45pm, but it would be another 30 minutes looking for parking and walking from our distant spot before we arrived. There were about 10 or so TB'rs there at the time. At this point they still looked sane.

Joy (pvtjoy) was the organizer and helped us with a round of introductions. She was a little distracted as the head honcho, making sure everyone knew where to be, where to go, etc..., but she did a wonderful job.

The restaurant we met up at was called C&O Trattoria (link opens up to Eric's review). We were split up from a large part of the group which was unfortunate, but our table had a great group of people including TB's co-founder Eric.
We took pictures, got to know a little about each other and had a pleasant dinner.

After dinner we originally had plans to stop at a local bar, but our first stop was too crowded for our group of over 30 people. We stopped at a place across from our restaurant, but that one was also crowded and noisy. We finally ended up walking to the Marriot lobby a few blocks away.

Some of the drinks were overpriced, but the location was a good one for us to relax, move about freely, and get to know our fellow TB'rs.

We couldn't stay until the very end with the drive ahead of us and other plans, but we had a great time. I for one definitely plan on trying to make another TB meetup, although I can't make the upcoming one in June because I'll be in Argentina and Paraguay.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Joy for organizing this wonderful event and to Alice for baking some wonderful cookies (Jen REALLY liked them). I'd also like to thank everyone else for being so friendly and welcoming us to the fun craziness that is TravBuddies.

I only took a few photos, to witness more craziness from this event click Joy's profile. JillianJ and others also have writeup and photos as well.

OK...I've just written this from Prague, time to get breakfast and tour the city!

poohstanggt says:
I am so glad you guys came out!! Sorry we didn't get to talk that much but I am hoping we didn't scare you too bad and you will come back and see us again!!!!
Posted on: May 23, 2008
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