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Nhi outside Avalon
You ever get excited about something and then that feeling peters away because the energy isn't captured and added to within a reasonable amount of time?

This is exactly what did NOT happen to me recently. =)

I've been listening to the Stars for the last month or so because JillianJ is the most awesomest DJ and is always recommending good music to me. She shared a particularly angsty and awesome song called "Your Ex Lover is Dead" with me about a month ago =D How perfect is that?! We've all been there, right? And I found two other amazing songs that I basically listen to on repeat at work in order to keep my sanity "One More Night" and "Take Me To The Riot" - the last one being my absolute favorite.

Then I found out that the Stars were playing in Hollywood at a smallish venue and I HAD TO GO.
Lead singer from the Stars
I asked my emo friend Daniel who introduced me to Saint Etienne and Built to Spill to go but he was busy and had seen them live before - giving me a lukewarm review of their performance that amounted to "ehh". But I also have a million classes this quarter and without anyone who liked the Stars to go with, it wasn't looking good!

But after the week or two that I've had, I've been cycling through the idea of being responsible and just forgetting about the concert. And then at the last minute, Nhi agreed to go with me! And then my friend Charlotte saw that I was going on Facebook and told me a bunch of her friends were going too! I had a late and AWFUL day at work so I came home at 5:30, ditched class, napped quickly, picked up Nhi and off we went!! =D

A couple of whack Montreal bands opened for the Stars and then they came out! The entire stage was decked in flowers which they threw into the audience (Nhi called this one), wrapped around their mikes when they sang, etc.
Take Me To The Riot
Their voices are awesome and their energy is good but they're just not as charasmatic as I expected them to be. It was still an awesome show though, and they sang all of my favorite songs, despite two of them being during the freaking encore, one of which was played just as we were walking out at midnight. But it's ok, Nhi was sweet enough to hang out for "Take Me To The Riot" despite having to wake up 5 hours from the moment it was played. THANK YOU DEAR =D

My feelings are a little mixed. The Stars are awesome, their music is spectacular, but their stage presence is so-so, for some reason I thought it would feel more engaging and exciting - especially in such a small venue. But their voices, the musicians, the production - are truly awesome. I am TOTALLY PUMPED now even though it's 1am and I myself have to wake up 6 hours from now! =)

I still highly recommend going to see the Stars if you have a chance.
stars song 1 (Jilly what is this song called??)
They're taking a break from touring to record a new album and the lead male singer is trying to have a baby, so they'll be out of commission for a bit! Get it while the getting is good =)

I managed to record little bits of a handful of songs on my rusty, 4 year old camera (in technology terms it might as well be an antique, right). I'm pretty upset because I accidentily deleted one of their better new songs "Undertow" by hitting the off button on my camera instead of "stop" - ah well. I hope you enjoy and bang your head and dance around as hard as I did (as you'll see for a second in one of the videos thanks to Nhi) =D
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Nhi outside Avalon
Nhi outside Avalon
Lead singer from the Stars
Lead singer from the Stars
Take Me To The Riot
stars song 1 (Jilly what is this …
The setlist! =D
The setlist! =D
in the flicker of the crazy lights…
in the flicker of the crazy light…
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