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Joy waiting outside for Alice and Ragnar to show up
What an awesome night. Joy and I met Ragnar for the first time on Saturday, (Alice and Tracy met him the day before at the Farmer's Market where apparently he was mistaken for a movie star!) Ragnar came in from the UK on holiday - unfortunately by himself because his friend cancelled at the last minute. It's been so interesting having guests in LA. I mean, I know I went to college here and stuff but sometimes I forget the memories that have been made and the places I used to go to until someone happens to be in that area.

We were in Culver City today, which is a stone's throw from Palms, which is where a lot of UCLA kids lived and a few old boyfriends used to reside. My favorite Brazilian restaurant is here, because its not one of those stomach-wrenching all-you-can-eat churrascarias, but a much smaller, flavorful portion of home-cooked goodness.
Tracy's delicioso Ironman drink!
But since Ragnar just had Brazilian the night before, Tracy suggested Versailles - a famous Cuban chain down the street. I heard dancing was on the request list so I asked around for suggestions and the club Zabumba came up more than once. I looked up the website and they were advertising live Bossa Nova and I've heard this place gets PACKED and is SO cool. So that was the plan. And we all know plans change. =)

Joy was nice enough to pick both Tracy and I up in her huge SUV. I feel like I"m parachuting to the ground everytime I have to get out of her car! She's an amazing driver and took a U-turn so pro with a "hold onto your panties!" that I was repeating this throughout the night =) I'm easily amused I guess =) We made it about 15 min before Alice and Ragnar showed up and got one of the last tables available. Ragnar was so sweet and hugged everyone hello while I inapprorpiately stuck out my hand =) We sat down and ordered 4 yummy dishes! (Oxtail rocks, Tracy's ironman drink is AMAZING, and plantains were yummy! It was perfect for the 5 of us since Joy only pecks at stuff, preferring wine above more solid nutrients.
A visitor from Germany/UK!

After dinner and some disappointing flan, we walked over to Zabumba, which is apparently the last time I took out my camera. SAD. When we got to that shack of a restaurant/club, I found out from the owner that it was a hip hop night and it would start nearly an hour later. Being that we were in CULVER CITY, we had to figure out a plan B and quick! Sheila txted me a few recommendations in Santa Monica and Venice, some I've been to or heard of such as Circle Bar and Zanzibar. However, Ragnar seemed like the kind of guy who would appreciate just a little bit of spectacle, so I wanted to go to Highlands, even though it would cost everyone $20 on such short notice.
Poster shot for TB =)

Off to Hollywood we went! And although it was not the best night I've seen at Highlands it was GREAT music, a not-too-pushy crowd and there were GO-GO dancers which always pump up the energy of a place!! You can see some of the great pictures here: Joy's Blog

Ragnar was so sweet - a true equal opportunity dancing partner and totally proper!! (ok except for the fake boob grab shot!! TOTALLY out of character!) I think he made a couple of random girls' day at the club, as he seemed to just have a true appreciation for movement and music and dance. I would HIGHLY recommend inviting Ragnar to go dancing anywhere!

I picked the wrong day to break in a new pair of shoes and limped back to the car. We departed at 1:30am after 4 solid hours of serious dancing and no drinking! That is my favorite combination for a night out! =)
TRE69 says:
Finally got a chance to read the txt...great blog...had a wonderful night out!
Posted on: Jul 02, 2008
pvtjoy says:
Great blog!
Glad you had these photos - I don't think I have any photos during dinner - so thanks to you for taking photos!
Love you!!!
Had a GREAT evening tonight...I want to be BALLS OUT like Angelina Jolie!!!!
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
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Joy waiting outside for Alice and …
Joy waiting outside for Alice and…
Tracys delicioso Ironman drink!
Tracy's delicioso Ironman drink!
A visitor from Germany/UK!
A visitor from Germany/UK!
Poster shot for TB =)
Poster shot for TB =)
Joy, Tracy and Alice
Joy, Tracy and Alice
Ragnar and Joy laughing =)
Ragnar and Joy laughing =)
Culver City
photo by: oriel