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Top of Arthur's Seat. Over looking the Mornington Peninsula.

G'Day all,

This is just a  journal entry to share my travels and talk about Australia with you, and to how I ended up where I am today. I guess because I have lived in Australia for most of my life, I never really took many photos or kept a travel journal. But I’ll do my best to tell my story. I could talk about Australia for hours, so I hope this blog is not to boring for you.

I love Nature and  wildlife and even more I love the ocean. I like being in the Great outdoors. Camping, or just kicking back on the beach, with my esky by my side(Esky, an Ice Box to keep food and drink cool). BBQ's and surfing. I can spend the whole night by the beach and listen to the waves crashing down, and then watch the sun rise.
Where I grew up.
I love Australia. When it comes to natural beauty its got it all. But there is a whole world out there and so much more to experience in Life. I want to see and do it all.

I grew up in a small town called Rosedale in Victoria. Its a small town of about 1500 people, 180km East of Melbourne. Not a bad location. About an hours drive to the High Country(What we call the mountains in Australia) truly Amazing Scenery and about the same distance to the Ocean. It has a primary school, with about 200 kids. Which I thought was huge as my first school in Oz only had about 14 students. But secondary school was a 30km bus ride every morning, to a town called Sale.  I spent most of my time when I was young exploring the Bush(Forest), rivers and creeks that flowed near by.
Or other outdoor activities, Cricket, Squash, Tennis Aussie Rules Football, Mountain biking, cross country running, fishing, swimming in the river. In Australia we love our sport and outdoor recreation.

Every school holidays I would visit my Grandparents in a town called Loch Sport. Loch Sport is amazing it’s a small town with the ocean on one side and  lake Victoria on the other. I was never bored there. Birds of all colours, Kangaroos and wallabies come to feed in your yard. And at night you can feed the possums.(possums are like a cross between a cat and a mouse very cute) Also you could get quite close to Koalas and Emus(Emu is like an Ostrich). I loved to go Sailing in my granddads yacht. And if I was lucky Dolphins would come to play. One day I would love to sail around the world, and with any one who’s up for the adventure.
Great Barrier Reef

But living in Rosedale, such a small town got quite boring and when I turned 18 I moved away to begin study. I studied Electronics for 2 years. But decided half way through that this wasn’t for me, and had no idea what I wanted to do in life.  So I began travelling around Australia. I did mainly farming jobs. It was a great way to pay my way around Australia and I was working outside in the sunshine. And in my spare time I studied hospitality.

One of the places I lived was on the Sunshine Coast,  Queensland.
I lived in a small town called Tin Can Bay. Working with the Forestry. Its a lovely little town right on the beach, but Unfortunately its becoming very touristy now.
Near by is Rainbow Beach, which you can drive your car on. The sand dunes have about seven different colours of sand and at sunset these colours really come to life, its truly amazing. A short boat ride across from Tin Can Bay is,  Frasier Island, well again another beautiful wonder of Australia, I'll tell you more about Frasier a little later.

 Also on the Sunshine Coast is Australia Zoo,  Home of the late Steve Irwin. For me Steve Irwin was Hero, I admired him so much. He is a role model in a time when very few good role models exist. Ok he was a little crazy at times. But what he did for the environment and animals was truly amazing. Australia Zoo is like no other zoo in the world I have been to. Firstly most of the Animals there were rescued and are being rehabilitated to go back into the wild.
Or are endangered species which are in breeding programs. They have large open natural spaces to live, not concrete jungles like some other Zoo's. You can also get quite close up to some of the animals and touch them. You could see his passion for helping animals here. I cant recommend this place highly enough.

After a year of living there I moved back to Victoria. To St Andrews Beach. Its about 60km from Melbourne towards the end of Port Phillip Bay on the Mornington Peninsular. I love this place a great balance between country and city. And when I finish my I travels I hope to settle down there for a while and study to be a Marine Park Officer.

But Australia isn’t all sunshine and beaches, we have some very serious environmental problems at the moment.
Blue tongue Lizard, My sister has two of these. She rescued them when she found them injured on the road. When the were young.
Drought, although I love a long hot summer, we need rain and lots of it. Many of our rivers have run dry or nearly dry due to over irrigation. And why we wont recycle water I don’t understand. We have ome very tight water restrictions at the moment.  And with dry summers come more Bush fires. Also we have a major threat from introduced species, Cats, rabbits, European Carp ect. All are playing havoc on our fragile eco system and wildlife. It is illegal to put a carp back in the water after it has being caught.

When talking with people from other countries I get asked some funny questions, some times their just joking with me. But sometimes I think they are serious.
I’m scared to come to Australia, you have such dangerous Animals.
True we do have some very dangerous things in Australia, But I the odds of an attack are very slim.
Its common sense really.

- Crocodiles are only in the far North of Australia. Every where else is safe, I hope. But when ever I do hear of a Croc attack, it always seems to be a German tourist. Maybe crocs prefer the taste of Bratwurst, im not sure.

-Sharks, yes we have lots of sharks. But I've spent half my life swimming in the sea, and have never seen a big shark. Just don’t swim at night and at sun rise, that’s their hunting times. Or near places where there are seal colonies, as you might be mistaken as a seal. Just swim with lots of people is your really worried. If your swimming with 40 people then you have a 40-1 chance of being eaten. Good odds I think.
One of the reason I think there are more shark sittings near humans now, is because of Cage Diving tours.
They fill the water full of blood and attract the sharks into a feeding frenzy for the tourists. So now the sharks are starting to associate food with human.

- Snakes, we have 7 of the 10 most dangerous species. But I haven’t seen very many snakes. They can sense vibration from 1km away and have very good sense of smell. So if your coming they generally hide. Just don’t put your hand down any dark holes and be careful if you have to lift up any large branches. This is where they like to hide.

-Spiders, most are scary looking, but harmless. I wouldn’t worry to much about our spiders. If you leave your shoes outside I would check     them in the morning though.

Do you have a pet Kangaroo. Yes I have three. In Australia we use Kangaroos instead of horses.
As a child it is more common to ride your pet kangaroo to school rather than your bike.

Do you have telephones and Internet. No we prefer to use Morse code. Or tie a piece of string between two tin cans and talk that way. To get the message overseas we still use homing pigeons. When the pigeon reaches England for example, the message is then processed into an E-mail for you. Instant messaging, whats that?

No, I dont live near Ramsay St or close to Summer Bay.

And in Australia we don't drink Fosters Larger. But yes we love our beer ICE cold, So when visiting Australia the first thing you should buy is a Stubby Holder.

No we dont chuck another Shrimp on the barbie, we call them Prawns.

Hey, any more questions that you've always wondered about Australia and to shy to ask.
Just Ask ;)

There are a lot of saying and words in Australia, that have totally meanings in other countries, or sometimes just people just have no idea of what I’m saying.  Here are a few, examples.

When I'm going to put my "thongs" on, its foot ware, not underwear.

When out having a few beers in a pub. If someone spills their drink. Half the bar will yell out "TAXI" Always a good way to spot a group of Aussies in a bar in England for example.

We don’t pull someone last night,  we say "pick up" Pull means play with oneself. So never say I pulled last night or Did you pull last night.(Tip for the English lads)

Its Tomato Sauce not Ketchup. BBQ sauce not Brown sauce.

"Hurry up a man is not a Camel you know" = Your taking to long, where is my beer.

You will hear the word Bugger! a lot. It can be used in many different contexts. Let me translate some for you.
Bugger said alone has the same meaning as for example Damn, Shit, Bollocks.
Bugger Me= Something that was surprising or I didn’t expect that.
I'm buggered= I’m very tired at the moment.
Get/Be buggered= I'm not going to do that. Do it yourself.
I/You just Buggered up= I/You made a mistake.
If you hear someone say "I’m gunna bugger you up" RUN FAST!!!! Unless you think you can Bugger them up better. 

But enough of the slang, im sure you'll pick it up quite quickly,

Now a few tips on the weather.  We’ll the weather forecast for most of the year normally reads as follows, “Today’s  weather will be fine, mild and mainly sunny”  but not always.
Weather can change in Australia without warning, and has caught many a tourist by surprise and Australian.  In the southern and eastern coastlines of  Australia the weather is probably the most erratic I’ve known days in Melbourne when its 40c then 20 minutes later its 20c.  This generally happens when a low pressure system straight of the Artic collides with a High pressure system from the Desert. When they collide all types of crazy storms happen. Huge Hail stones, dust storms, strong winds it even snowed in some parts of Victoria on Christmas day a few years ago. December, January,Febuary are the hottest months and temperatures and June, July the coolest.  Any thing in between can be a mixed bag really, hot or cold.
 Don’t go to Australia expecting perfect weather all the time, we do get our share of rotten weather also but not so much ;)  I live in one of the cooler parts of Australia and winters average around 14-15 degrees which sounds nice, but mixed with wind and rain you can have a wind chill factor of only a few degrees.
And summer is anywhere from 20c to well the hottest day I can remember was 47c but the average is around 25c. But Australia is a big country end trying to explain all the weather is difficult.
But a few tips if you want to escape the extreme heat for a few weeks in the summer, I recommend Tasmania, the freshest air, and most beautiful unspoilt Lakes rivers and bush.  Remember in the tropics summer is the wet season, winter is the dry season. If your travelling to outback Australia,(the desert) be careful. The day might be warm but at night the temperatures can drop to  freezing. So always carry a warm jacket or extra blanket if you planning on camping or sth.  But this rule applies to any type of camping especially in the southern states. Be wary of flash flooding, in Australia we can sometimes have our annual rainfall dumped in a few minutes.
  And if your driving around Australia in summer I would invest in a sun shade for the car windows, and steering wheel. As when the car is parked it gets bloody hot inside, don’t leave anything of plastic I’ve got a few warped credit cards and my mobile phone has only just survived a few times . Roads begin to melt, and petrol stations sometimes have to close until the petrol pumps cool down. But except for the few extremes of weather I talked about,  I reckon you wont be disappointed. I only say some of these things just so if by chance you do get some difficult weather in Australia, you cant tell me that I promised it to be always perfect. I say nearly always perfect;)

Now, to Sport. We love our sport. We may not be the most dominating sporting country in the world, but we always give 110% .
Clear Water Lake.
We don’t really like cheats(Italy World Cup 2006, 92nd minute, for example so many broken hearts. Diving Spaghetti Eaters),But yes  I no were not innocent either, a few cricket incidents come to mind. But most the time win or lose we just love a good fair, hard game of sport. And most differences are forgotten over a beer any way. 

When going to a sporting event in Australia there in generally no crowd problems. Meaning you can were your team or county’s colours with pride and not worry about anything accept for a little friendly banter here and there. 
In winter, the main Sport is AFL(Aussie Rules) NRL Rugby league and the super 12s Rugby Union. And in summer Cricket, Basket Ball and  Soccer, I know I know, Football to the rest of the world.
But in Australia we call it soccer. Our league is getting better, it just took us some time to get used to the off side rule. I think soccer would be far more interesting without that rule. I might put my idea to FIFA. 

Golf, tennis, netball, and all water sports are quite popular also. We also have a Ski Season in winter. It can be 50/50 weather it will snow or not. But when it does snow, it's quite good Mt Buller or Mt Hotham in Victoria and Thredbo in NSW are alway good places to go skiing. So they tell me. Never actually been to the snow in Australia. And whenever I see snow in Europe I take like a 1000 photos. Im still dreaming of a white christmas.  Poland didnt provide me with a white christmas this year, I'll have to try somewhere else next.   Any way.

 The biggest sport in Australia is AFL. If you go to Australia and start a conversation about AFL football , especially in Victoria, South Aus, Western Aus or Tassie. You will be almost instantly accepted as an horary Australian. Any knowledge of the game from a foreigner is like 1000 bonus points. Tell me you’re a Richmond Tigers supporter and wow, you’ll have a place to stay for a while…Any ladies wanting to impress the Aussie fellas take note ;) We are just amazed if anyone can begin to understand the game. I used to put a few AFL matches on in the pub where I was working in England, and the puzzled looks I got as I was trying to explain the rules. But let me try explain. Basically AFL has 36 players on the field 18 a side. 4 X 20 minute quarters.
The basic rules are no tripping, tackling above the neck and your not allowed to push in the opponent in the back . If you catch(Mark) the ball with out anyone touching it your safe. If you don’t catch the ball and your in possession, then well…Just hope you’re a fast runner.  There are four post at each end of the field, 6 points for a goal through the middle of the posts and one point either side of the two centre posts.  I hope you get the picture, its not easy to explain. Afl is like soccer, rugby and gridiron all in one. It is fast and high scoring.  I love this game. Go TIGERS, yes another cheap plug!!!! But once you get used to the rules this game can become addictive. And which ever team you choose, we don’t care as long as you enjoy the spectacle.
You should try check out one game of AFL when visiting Australia, there is a great atmosphere.

There are 16 teams in the AFL,

10 Melbourne based teams: Richmond Tigers, Melbourne Daemons, St Kilda Saints, Western Bulldogs, Carlton Blues, Essendon Bombers, Collingwood Magpies, Geelong Cats, Hawthorn Hawks and North Melbourne Kangaroos

2 South Australian, Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power.
2 Western Australian, West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers.
1 Queensland, Brisbane Lions.
1 New South Wales, Sydney Swans.
Queensland, New South Wales  and Canberra are generaly Rugby strong holds.

Other popular sporting events in Australia are:

Horse Racing, The Spring racing carnival. Which includes the Melbourne Cup.
The whole nation stops for this event. Its quite amazing.

F1 Grand Prix Albert Park.

Super Bikes, Phillip Island.

Australian Open Tennis.

Super Cars, Bathurst.

And you can find Koala racing in most major city’s and towns.  Basically you have six Koalas in 6 boxes, the boxes open and the first Koala to the top of the tree wins.  And the stakes are high. Australia finest Koala trainer is Edmond Barton who has a total of 11 Australian Koala Cup wins  to his name a world record. With a total of 3.6m in prize money to his name.

I'll write a bit more detailed info about some of these plases I've mentioned a bit later.

And no, we dont really have Koala racing, that I know of any way;)

And Edmond Barton was our First Prime Minister of Australia in 1901.

And I love spagetti and Italians, If your in Melbourne check out Lygon Street, Its little Italy. Lygon Street's name has become synonymous with Italian restaurants and cafés. The Mafia told me to say this, or i'l be swimming with the fishes they said.....
taylor1940 says:
Nice article with so many nice photographs i really liked all these pics.

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Posted on: Oct 19, 2008
peruana28 says:
Hello Jackson
It was nice to see wonderful photos about your country ;) good job!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
yheleen says:
Australia is really beautiful :)
Posted on: Jul 13, 2008
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